Mom got ****** in resort
My mom and I went for vacation from our house to a hill station , my dad remains out of country for business purposes I drove the car till the hill station , let me tell you first that my mom is an adorable beautifull woman with a fantastic body , the hill station was about 9 hours drive away from our house mom slept in midway and I didn’t disturbed her at any moment I was fresh and drive was comfortable so I didn’t stoped either while we were halfway to the hill station I overtook a car in which there was just one man who was ofcourse the driver while overtaking I oserved he was having a close and deep view on my mom but any ways I ivertook him but he maintained his position right behind our car till the whole way and he applied brakes with us in parking of resort I was surprised to see that he was indeed very charming and maintained man he was a mature person he waved his hand to me and I returned it with a smile
When I opened the door for my mom she was having trouble in walking she was having pain in between her legs and in her buttocks but she managed to make it to the reception I took 2 rooms there while she was sitting in resort lounge and that man was also there sitting reading newspaper secretly looking at my mom. I didn’t said anything because I knew my mom attract many eyes on her body and he was also a charming man. Then I moved toward my mom where I learned she was having increase in pain I was sitting there suddenly he moved towards us and said “Hi I am bruce” and there began a chat of few dialoges I asked is everything ok, my mom said she is having a pain he said to me he can solve this issue he said my mom will have to come to his room I said ok he picked mom up and went towards his room he came to my room and said it will take time but she would be okay…………
I changed clothes there were not many people in resort about 30 minutes later I was smoking in balcony I heard moaning of a woman I learned that it was bruce’s room and it was my mom’s moaning I peeked inside the room I saw that he was oiling my moms body he already had oiled her belly face feet legs now he was oiling her breasts , she was lying there on bed with joy and pleasure , bruce was just in his boxers with full hard errection he removed her shirt and then untied her pent now mom was in her golden bikini her took olive oil on his hand and then entered it in her panty . mom raised her hands and grabbed the bed he oiled her **** thoroughly he removed her bra and panty her clothes were all oiled lying on the floor he startedd kissing her neck , chicks lips he grabbed her from her hairs french kissed her deep throat he ate her lipstick and spread on her face while he was grabbing her from her hairs she lowered his underwear , he entered his long oiled **** in her vagina when his cap entered her ***** my mom started moaning and screaming with joy and pleasure he spanked her *** too and suddenly he started giving her hard and strong jerks he wash ******* her while she was moaning …
My moms pain vanished as he entered his **** inside her ***** he sucked her boobs hard and continued ******* her in this position for 15 minutes then he made her stand and lyed her upside down he laid on her and entered his **** in her from behind and grabeed her hands too she was also moaning hard as he was ******* her very hard indeed,till then both of them were hot like lava he laid her down with one hand he was giving slaps on her face andother hand’s long fingers were in her ***** her fingered her for 5 minutes then after it she ejected a great deal of hot white juice on all of his body ,after 20 minutes my mom took position on his **** now he was lying in bed and my mom was riding his **** his hands were on her boobs he ****** her 10 minutes in this position than suddenly grabbed her from her hairs and ejected all of his *** load on her body………..
Both laid down fully satisfyingly he then took a blanket on both of them he lighted a cigrete both of them smoked it mom was lying naked with one leg on his body I was shocked to see that I was in full errection too, after few hours he came to my room with her he said to me that she’s fine now like never before, till the time we stayed there she often visited him and I didn’t disturbed because I understood that he is alone and she is also dad’s in UAE . so why not enjoy with any other man…………
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I enjoy watching my ****** getting sex

Thank you for this nice story, please add more but only in English.

Hot story!

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