Just Once, But I Know I'd Want More

I have someone special on EP, we normally chat daily whether it be a quick hello or half the night. I feel a connection I can't explain as I've never felt this way before.

I want it so badly just to be able to meet, hold you its all I dream about. One night of passion would be bliss and make my feel complete, the only problem is I know I'd want more and never want to let you go.

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12 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Has anthing happened yet ?

I have several EP friends that I'd love to spend an erotic night with. Based on the fun I have in webchat I'm sure being in person would be so much better.

It can be addictive - finding people with similar experiences and compatible thoughts. It's amazing that we can become obsessed with someone met through this virtual space. I guess a meeting of the minds can be sexy.

i have experienced this so understand a little what you went through, funny it was around the same time late 2010/2011..........we did meet lasted 9 months,and one year online........................................x

well giv it a go that's wat life is about !!!

has this *** any closer to becoming real 4 u?

hi sexy, hope this does happen for you. love it to be me. shame your so far away. xxx

EP is great, it brings people together and helps to live a struggling real life. Good luck to you Peter.

I talk to my EP friends almost daily, Some times hours on ends.

Oh my! I knew you were a naughy girl lol. I'm looking outside now. Mmmmmm is that you?

I hope it comes true for you !!!!!<br />
and him ?

I hope it comes true for you !!!!!