******* Father-in Law

I made this story up..

My husband has always been a great lover, but I could never
resist the advances of strange men. I have to tell you that I've
never had a shortage of admirers. My measurements are 39-26-36
and I'm a 5'4" brunette with blue eyes. My hair is long and full
and drapes to the middle of my back, but I usually wear it in
pigtails. Greg thinks I look like a teenager that way.

The first extra-marital sexual encounter I had was with
Greg's dad, Frank. We hadn't been married long and were living
with Greg's parents until we could find a place of our own. I
was 21 and Greg was 25. Greg's father had always been sexually
attracted to me. I remember as we were leaving our wedding
reception, Frank felt-up my **** as he kissed me, his new
daughter-in-law, good-bye! No one noticed his behavior and I
didn't mention it to my new husband.

We had been at Greg's parents house for about a week and
every night we would **** like crazy from about midnight to 2 in
the morning. Greg's mother and father slept in the room next to
ours, and I'm sure that they could hear us going at it.

One day I was home, doing some laundry, when Frank came home
for lunch. Greg's mother, Louise, works at the local library and
I usually have the house to myself until about 5 o'clock.

I wasn't expecting anyone so I took off my house robe and
threw it in with the rest of the wash. I was bending over the
washer with only my bra and panties on when Greg's dad walked
into the washroom. I hadn't noticed him and was startled when he
said, "Oh! Excuse me, Kate! I didn't know you were in here!"

I quickly straightened up and looked over my shoulder with a
red flush of embarrassment on my face. When I managed to speak,
I stammered, saying, "I was doing laundry -- I didn't expect --
expect anyone home."

Then Greg's dad blurted right out, "My! My! You've got a
beautiful ***!"

The compliment made me feel nice but coming from my
father-in-law it made me feel guilty. I didn't say anything, but
as I looked down to his crotch, I saw he had a hard-on.

He was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Turn around
so I can see the front of you, Kate."

I hesitated, but the words seemed more like an order than a
request so I slowly turned and leaned back against the washer.
Frank drew in a deep breath and smiled. He was staring at my
**** and I knew he was removing my bra with his eyes. His gaze
went down to my panties and the view of my dark ***** hair,
visible through the thin, white nylon. He was breathing more
heavily when he said, "Oh! Kate! You are so damn lovely! Seeing
you like that has got my bone harder than it's been in a long,
long time!"

I gave him an embarrassed grin and said, "Thank you, Frank.
I think I really ought to put something on now, though." I
started to leave the small wash room and Frank blocked my path.
I stared, silently at him, waiting for him to move.

He said, "Please take off your bra and show me those big,
beautiful breasts! Please, Kate!"

I told him that I didn't think it was a good idea and asked
him to let me pass. He refused to move until I consented to
removing my bra for him.

I backed up against the washing machine and reached behind
me to unfasten the hooks to my D cup bra. I pulled the straps
off my shoulders and let the bra fall away, exposing my boobs.
Frank's hard-on was pushing at the front of his pants and there
was a small wet spot in the center of the bulge. I was starting
to get hot. My ***** was starting to cream up as I stood there,
bare-chested, in front of my drooling father-in-law.

As Frank ogled my *******, he said, "Oh ****, girl! Those
****! So big. So firm. So ******* smooth! I've never seen
nipples like those before. They're such a beautiful shade of

I smiled and said that I had shown him what he wanted, and
that I really should go. Frank didn't even look up to my eyes
when he said, "Now the panties, Kate, take off those panties!"

I was getting so hot and wet that I didn't care anymore.

I looked sexily into my father-in-law's eyes and said, "You
want to see my ***** too, Frank? OK. I'll show it to you." I
clutched the waist band and pulled my panties down revealing the
bushy, black curls on the mound of my ****. As I continued to
pull the waist band down my thighs, the wet crotch of the thin
panties clung to my sopping ****. Frank's eyes were bugging out
of his head. He watched, frozen as I lifted first one leg and
then the other, pulling the wet underwear off of my feet.

I held them on the end of my index finger and said, "Look
what you made me do, Frank. My ***** juices have leaked all over
my panties. Here look!" I tossed the damp garment to Frank and
he held it to his nose, still staring at my naked ****. His
breathing was very rapid as he said, "I found a pair of these
panties in the bathroom yesterday. The smell of your *****
drives me crazy! I jacked off with my face buried in your soiled
underwear, imagining that I was ******* you."

I couldn't restrain myself any longer. I ran a finger up
the slit of my **** and said, "Now let me see your ****, Frank.
Take 'your' pants off."

My eager father-in-law removed his pants and shorts,
revealing his stiff hard-on. I reached out and took his hot meat
in my hand. I licked my lips and said, "Ummm! This is a nice
**** that you've got here!" Frank hissed as I gently stroked his
hard ****. He held my **** in his hands and then squeezed and
released them, repeating the motions continuously. I asked, "You
like my ****, don't you?"

He grunted.

I then asked him, "Do you want to smell my wet ****, Frank?"
He groaned and I pushed myself up to sit on the edge of the
washer. I opened my legs and Frank moved between my thighs and
bent over to put his face in my hot *****. I leaned back, raised
my legs rested them on his shoulders while he licked and
sucked my boiling ****. I humped against his mouth and brought
myself to a screaming climax.

Sweat was running down my heaving ****. I panted, saying,
"Want to **** your son's wife with your big ****, Frank?"

He moaned, "Oh yes!"

I slid off of the washing machine and turned my back to my
father-in-law. I looked back at him and pleaded, "Slide it in
me, Frank! Come on, **** your daughter-in-law, Frank!" He moved
up behind me gently pushing me forward over the washing machine
and put his stiff **** between my ***** lips. I felt him easing
into my slippery **** and I gasped, "Yes! Oh Yes! **** me! ****
me now, Frank!"

He held my waist and drove his **** deep into me. He ******
me in slow, even strokes and as he drove me to ecstasy, he said,
"Oh ****, Kate! Your **** is so ******* good! I'm going to *** in
you!" When his **** started pumping his hot ***** into me I
screamed with another fantastic ******. Frank left his ****
buried in my **** until we had both caught our breath. When he
pulled out of me, his ***** dripped from my **** onto the floor.
The smell of my **** juices filled the wash room. I was
collapsed across the washer when Frank picked up my panties and
wiped them across my oozing ****. He said, "If you don't mind,
Kate, I'll keep these so I can smell your lovely **** when I jack
off again."

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Too many names, it doesn't sound believable that he would use your name for every little phrase. Try to use a more sexy name than Kate too. When I hear "Kate" I don't think of sexy, boring.

all fake, a woman can never give open invitation to any relative even in dreams. if it would have been stranger then possibly it may happen.

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son of abitch and a daughter of a luci fer *******

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