I Want An Older Man

I've been with an older man before and loved it. Now I miss it, and really would enjoy it again, and have him eat me out and treat me like a princess! I would like it if he would approach me and take me from behind.... Yummy
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7 Responses Nov 23, 2011

Still interested in younger females because I most older woman are to set in there ways. plus young woman want experienced men.

this sounds like another craiglist

This is one older man who would love having you in his bed!

As an older man I find that I get on better with younger women,some have had bad experiences with the men who are the same age group,People think that the girls are into older guys for money or gifts,this can be the case and some do get older guy just for the cash,but I have found that once a girl has been with the older man a little time if she is an intelligent and sexual female, girls starts to enjoy the man for himself not what he has.Enjoy yourself as time passes so quickly.

Princess, daddy is on his way with a hard **** in in hand ready to take you from behind.

Love the story... I too have been with an older man before.... I find myself still wanting a much older man.... exciting!!!

I would treat you like a Princess.... we older men have more staying power ....lol