My Former Teacher

We are meeting up in a few days. We're getting a room on the beach. He is so graphic when he tells me what he wants to do to me. I've been with older men before, but this is so crazy. I used to sit in his class and just daydream. He is extremely attractive and in great shape for his age. Anyone wanna know how it goes? Anyway, I am 23, and his is 48. He taught me when I was a senior in HS. 4 more days ..I am countin' down! :)

Sapphlibra Sapphlibra
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

let me know if it doesn't work out lol

I would *love* to hear how it went, Saphlibra - it sounds as if this one has been smoldering for quite some time, and I hope it all lived up to your expectations!