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Lust For Older Women

I am a young male, I matured early in life always were a few steps ahead of the other boys of my age and with that I became really attracted to older, more mature women, especially when the girls my age act immature. I suppose I'm very open minded to many things of sexual experiences and ways of life, I would love to meet an older woman who enjoys poetry, loyalty, young love, and long nights of pleasuring some days :). Anyone interest can send me a message or comment for more information. =]
sneakyrogues sneakyrogues 18-21, M 3 Responses Oct 17, 2010

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Shades--Went to add you to our circle(lots of pics there) but your setting won't allow!

i must say this sounds like me, im young and a mature girl. always felt way mature then other girls and dudes my age and prefer older guys

No reason you can't make "friends" with an older lady(women like my wife) who-If you make friends with her&she trusts you will make you Very happy!<br />
But you have to make the effort& may be turned down by lots of ladys before sucess!<br />
Online --places like could meet lots of older women!<br />
Alice& cuckhold Don London Ont.