77 And Wow

I am a 27 year old very good looking guy with a 26 year old wife who makes every man droll when we go out. However when I got out of the service (USMC) nine months ago we moved back to the east coast and my grandfather had me join the American Legion. Me and my wife did it for him as we both thought of it as an old folks place. We started out stopping in for a few drinks on Fridays before we went out on the town and yes we were the youngest by many years. Then one Saturday, I went in with my grandfather on a Saturday afternoon and met HER (will not use her namer). Everbody was joking and saying how great she looked for 77 and her husband did for 80. For some reason she actually was turning me on and I couldn't figure out why. My wife is dark complected (Hispanic), dark hair and big breast. She was greyish blond, white and small breast. But she was wearing a white skirt, yellow top and such sexy pantyhose. Anyhow I was introduced to her and her husband and of course she treated me like a child. When I had sex with my wife that night, I was actually thinking about her. All week at work I found myself thinking about her. That following Saturday I went to the Legion again and sure enough they were there. I started going every saturday at 1:00 p.m. just to see her. Of course I had to become close with her husband too. They met my wife and we all became an odd couple who began actually doing things together. My wife thought it was sweet that we were treating the elderly couple so good, but she had no clue of the thoughts I had about HER. After four months of this my time came. Her husband goes to a hunting camp with her sons and grandsons for a week every November. I (with great manners) asked her if she wanted me to pick her up so she could stop at the Legion the following Saturday. She actually said yes and her husband thanked me. I was sure to have on the good cologne and was looking good when I picked her up at five till one. She was wearing a skirt as always (navy blue skirt, dark sexy pantyhose) and to my thrilled suprise she was wearing perfume. I had never smelled her like this before. We stopped at the Legion and have some drinks, and nobody thought nothing of it. It was just this nice younger guy taking care of an older women. At 3 something we left and I took her home. When we got to her house I had to go for it and asked if I could come in. She said of course and when we went inside she poured me a drink and we sat on the couch. As she took her shoes off and began to rub her feet I couldn't control my hormens any longer. I began carressing her feet and rubbing my hands up her calves and knees, she was so soft and my hard penis had to be noticed. As I started to put my hand up her skirt, she took a deep breath then pushed my hand away. I became a little forcefull at that time and put my hand back up her skirt and gave her a kiss. She starting kissing back with her tounge going deep into my mouth. All of a sudden my hand was in her panties (and yes, have to admit they were granny panties). Once I felt how wet she was I knew I was good to go. She then politely asked me to go into the bedroom as she didn't want to do it on the couch. She is such a lady!! We went into her room and I laid her on the bed. As I ripped my cloths off she toook off her shirt and bra. Her little breast were actually sexy as hell and didn't look like those of a 77 year old. I then gently removed her pantyhose, panties and skirt. I have to admit I was upset with her spider vain legs. I had always seen her in pantyhose. But it didn't matter I was just too damn horny. As I put my face near her ***** and she kept pushing me away (guess that wasn't an in thing back in the day). Finally with force I began to lick her **** and *****. Now I have tased a lot, but she was the very sweetest and best tasting I ever had. She was moaning and releasing her juices as if she was a virgin. I then stuck my penis in her and began to make love. It was actually love and not *******. After only 10 minutes I couldn't hold it any longer and came all inside her beautiful body. Even after my ****** I didn't want to leave her. We laid and cuddled for about and hour, then did it again. She made me feel like no other women had made me fee. I then had to leave and think of some excuse to tell my wife where I was. Neither her or I have ever told anybody else about this, but we bothed enjoyed it tremendously. She recently turned 78 and my wife made her a cake lol. I want to make love to her again, however she told me I have to wait until next November. She knows how she drives me crazy every saturday wearing her sexy skirts. I hate to admit this, but even though this started out as a perverted sex craze for me. If she would leave her husband, I would leave my wife in a minute to be with her.
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You're a lucky guy. I had a relationship with a woman that started when she was 70 and ended when she was 82!1 INCREDIBLE!