I Still Remember Things She Taught Me

when I was 19y/o there was a couple who lived next to my parents house and the man was never home but his wife (Karen) was nice pretty and friendly with our family. when i started my 1st job i would get home so tired and sore from work. One evening Karen was watering her grass when i came home, my *** was dragging and she asked what is wrong? telling her every inch of my body hurts, she joking told me to shower and come over she would give me a massage . I took a long shower making sure i cleaned every inch of my sore and tired body. putting on my gym shorts and a t-shirt i went and knocked on her door. come on in as she opened her door. telling me she didnt tink id show up. laying a blanket out in her living room then told me to remove my shirt and lay face down. just relax and enjoy she told me as she poured body massage oil down my back. OMG her hands felt so good i felt my **** getting hard as her hands were massaging my thighs i felt her hands under my shorts and massgae my butt cheeks then she reached under and wrapped her hand around my stiff **** as was slowly stroking up n down, wow next her other hand was using 1 finger to slowly push into my crack!! i didnt know what to do so i trusted her. after couple mins. she stopped and pulled my shorts down and rolled me onto my back my stiff **** straight up she wasted no time putting it into her warm wet mouth , OMG she knew how to suck **** then she pushe 1 finger into my butt and i kinda felt weird and she sucked so good it didnt matter after a while she was fingering my *** and then she was licking her way lower until her tongue was rimmin my ***. she kept stroking me while doing this. then her lips were back sucking my hard **** and she musta known i was close to cumin becuz she push 1 finger back into my *** and her lips felt so wonderful i couldnt take anymore and I had the most amazin ****** I ever felt !! her lis around my cockhead and her knowning when to pull her finger out of my *** was such a body ****** rush....
part 2 coming soon..
carlwood24 carlwood24
26-30, M
Sep 17, 2012