I Helped A Mature Woman

I have a diverse group of friends that range from mid twenties to mid seventies. One of them is a woman in her mid to late fifty's with a nice body nice hair and a nice face. On more than one occasion we have traveled as a group and I have shared a hotel room with her and her partner. During these trips I have taken the opportunity to get nude in front of her (coming out of the shower and acting like I did not know she was there, etc). this fulfills my fantasy of being nude in front of women who are not my girlfriends CFNM.

Her and I talk on several occasions but one time she was describing a book she recently read. It is the book people talk about that has different shades of gray. She commented on some of the activity in the book and states that someone would have to be crazy to allow stuff to happen like this. This made me I think she was offended by these actions.

One day she asked me for a personal favor. She commented on a scene where the lady is told to be in the corner on her knees. She asked if I would mind helping her out with a little fantasy. She wants to be in the corner on her knees while I am nude in a CFNM scenario. She wants me to arrive at her house to find her on her knees in the corner and then use her mouth as I wish. So one night I arrive at her house, I open the door and the house is empty. I walk through the house towards her bedroom and I hear a noise in the spare bedroom. The house is dark but I find her on her knees tied up totally nude in the corner. I was not expecting her to be nude. I take off all my clothes and stand in front of her. I noticed that her hands are tied behind her back.I do not know how she tied her hands behind her back or if someone else tied her hands. I proceed to take advantage of the situation I reach for her breast and play with her nipples. I get down on my knees and suck on her nipples for a while. I also noticed she has a blindfold on and is not saying a word. I stand up and put my **** in her face. I tell her to open her mouth and I insert he tip of my **** in her mouth. I stroke my penis in and out of her mouth several times and then push my penis all the way in which causes a gagging reflex. One time I saw her pull back after she could not breath or was gagging. I let her take a breath and then I would shove my **** all the way in again. I then pull out my **** and tell her to lick and suck on my balls. I'm taking advantage of this whole situation. Finally I'm at the point of coming and I tell her that I am going to come. She does not say a word this entire time while I'm ******* her face. Eventually I come and then step back from her. She still has not said a word so I put my clothes back on and walk out the door. It took about 3 days before I spoke to her again. We never discussed the situation and I never found out how she tired herself or if she had someone else tired.

I guess that is considered having sex with a mature woman. I loved it and definitely would do it again if she asked.
36-40, M
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

It's so good that you didn't try to solve every mystery. I wonder if her partner ted her up - and then gave her a good banging after you'd gone!

Yes. there was some repeat action but the roles were reversed. I will have to write that story and post at a later date.

wow, and no repeat action?