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We went to “our” Greek restaurant last night for date night. We usually get a bottle of wine with our meal and last night was no exception. However, normally we like the bottle of wine we buy. Last night, it was Horrible! It tasted moldy. We sat at our “usual” table (the one with the best view of the belly dancers). Not long after we sat down, a lady and her 4-year-old daughter sat down at the table next to (but kinda behind) ours. Hubby noticed her and pointed her out as being very attractive. She also noticed him and the flirtation began. Knowing hubby, I smiled and moved back so they could make better eye contact. She took her daughter to the restroom and hubby tells me to begin flirting with her also. So when she returns, I turn and start talking with her. We decide to get another bottle of wine and ask for her recommendation. She and I go to the counter and order. We clicked. She’s fun and flirty with me too. We return to the table and pull her table with ours. They join us. The flirting continues – with both of us and we laugh and have a really pleasant evening. The belly dancers were really fun and her daughter danced too. It soon became time for the 4 year old to go to bed, so she asked us about going to a bar across town for happy hour on another night. We exchange numbers and they leave.  




 Not long after they left, a very pretty young lady catches our attention by asking the dancers (as they were dancing) if anyone knew where she could take lessons. Hubby and I both called out “I do!” She came over to us and we talked about my belly dancing class. A short little flirty discussion ensued but she went back to her table. I noticed she was sitting alone. Her food was delivered so I hopped up and asked her to join us. She comes over to our table and we pour her a glass of wine. She talks to me. Hubby asks her questions about different things and all her answers are directed to me. I’m feeling really good. She asks for my contact information. We don’t have a pen so hubby goes to the car to get one. When he comes back, she checks him out and decides she likes what she sees. We tell her about our non-profit and the things we are doing. She gets excited about helping. She gives us her numbers as well as getting both of ours. Very nice.   We left last night with the phone numbers of two very lovely ladies. Both seemed interested in both of us. We were stoked!!!  


 The discussions we had about having sex with them, while we were having sex, were delicious – but that’s another story. :)

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girl why didnt you suck that girl ***** out i am getty horny

girl why didnt you suck that girl ***** out i am getty horny

You'll have to keep us posted. My ex used to BEG me to bring someone home but not willing to share... not w/ him anyways. LOL

Lucky you! Sound slike your 'date' night went pretty well....