I Couldnt Believe I Liked It So Much

One day i went out with my friends, i was a bit drunk and everything was going fine, then this pretty girl started looking at me and smiling i didnt know what was happening but i do remeber i returned te smiles and the looks finally she came closer to me and asked me for my phone number, as soon as he started talking to me i found myself also flirting with her-i knew i wanted her too. We started flirting through texts and then finally we met at a bar, i remember all i wanted to do was kiss her, passionately i wanted to know what her lips tasted and felt like but neither of us made the move, i went back home and so did she, then we came back and hung out again and we kissed i will never forget my first kiss with a girl, it was so beautiful it was so delicious her lips were extremely soft i had never felt this softness before, i felt the urge to touch her breasts her face i wanted to kiss her everywhere i was desperate to rip her cloth off, i felt like a pubesent 15 year old boy trying to get into a girls pants, i wanted her, our kisses went from sweet and soft to breathless and rough, after kissing for the longest time i invited her over my house (the kissing happened in my car) but it was late and unfortunately i was in my period, damn period, after that we hung out several other days and i realized i was starting to feel something for her, i actually missed her, so we hung out and kissed at some bar in the restroom hidden, and then one day he said she didnt want anything anymore, so we stoped talking and she sort of broke my heart, and left me wanting more, and now because of her (i think) ive started to crush on girls, however before this i had felt attracted to girls, it was never as strong as it is now. That is my story not a very good one but that was just the beguinning ofthe person i lie to others about my friends dont know i like girls and would be difficult for them to understand :(
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I could relate to this story 100%
Everything that happen to you , has happen to me . Im very attracted with women but my friends are very judging im glade im not the only one who feels the same way .

It's ok to feel that just stay true to what you believe in and if your ment to be with a girl then fate will tell you

i have been there and i understand completely