I Loved It And Im Craving More -the Story Of My First Time With A Girl

After i had started feeling attraction to other girls, because of the summer fling i had (which i just mentioned in the other story) i needed to find a girl that could help me in my craving, so i met this girl online a bit sketchy i know but i live in a very conservative city, i think ive met only one gay person in this town. anyways we decided to meet that night and she invited me over to her apartment , she said we could just cuddle and get to know each other, it all seemed fine to me (plus we had already exchange photos and Facebook and i knew she was real) anyways so i headed to her house, and it turned out she was really nice, very beautiful, she had a very pretty smile, hazel eyes, golden long soft hair, her nose was cute too and she had a piercing, she was a bit shorter than me which i thought was a bit odd considering ive always dated ,tall buff man, this was very different. I did't feel like a guy or anything, because im skinny and very girly too,but it was just different. As were talking everything was fine i got to know many things about her, but i was already stopping to pay attention to her because every time i saw her i wondered who would make the first move, i wanted to, but i didn't want to go first, so we kept talking and laughing i decided i should start flirting at least, so i kinda tried looking longer at her eyes, and complimenting her hair, room or whatever i could find that i liked. Then she made some sort of movement and i was able to see her tattoo she had a tattoo by her hip bone, OMG it was EXTREMELY SEXY , it was a tree and it was very near her *****, i just thought it was incredibly hot, another thing that made me feel weird, ive never liked tattoos on guys, nor on me, but just knowing she had that, and the place where she had it made me go crazy i couldn't speak anymore, without thinking i touched it, and said how cool it looked, and i lied or -im not sure anymore, that maybe one day id want one there too. So i think she got the hint, i think she knew i was turned on , and she asked if i wanted to get inside the covers, and if it was ok for her to turn the lights off , i said yes ok sure, so i changed into something more comfortable, shorts and t shirt, and she had leggings and a shirt, once we were lying in bed, we just looked at each other and laughed and smile , this was both of our first times, we had no idea what to do, so we just started kissing it started slowly, she tasted really good, sweet even , her tongue i remember was a bit smaller, i guess since shes a small person her characteristics were petite too, but that didnt make it bad , to the contrary i was loving it, her taste was incredibly delicious and her tounge was sweet and soft, i could hear her breath getting faster, and mine too. i kissed her whole face, and enjoyed every single of her characteristics of the facial expressions she would make, for some reason her hands were just in my face , and i guided her to touch my breasts and my body , she asked if it was okay , and i said yes its fine, i proceed into touching her big breasts, that were white, with pinkish niples i loved them i started touching her, and i could feel her nipples getting pointer and harder, by this time she said "if you took my bra off its only fair i take yours off too" we laughed and we were both topless by now touching and looking at each others bodies, she had a beautiful soft skin, and apparently i also had one, we kept complementing each others bodies , kept laughing at how soft we were, until we stopped talking and things got more serious, by now we were topless i was touchingher entire body, her stomach her breasts, her lips, her hips, her lower stomach everything, she then made me stop, and proceed into touching me, she touched me over my panties, while kissing me, for the longest time, softly and gentle, she was doing a really good job, and asking me with her brethless voice, if i loved it, "do you like this"? she would ask , i would only nod and plead for more, but she knew what she was doing somehow, she kept saying patience patience, so she kept rubbing me and rubbing me slowly and massaging every part, i was extremely wet , and i needed more, i kept opening my legs, to inform her that i wanted her fingers inside me, but she would only do her way, finally she removed my underwear, and started massaging and rubbing me while kissing me, i couldnt breath i felt i was about to come when she said i should wait, so i tried my best, finally she went inside me, her fingers touching every part of my inside, and it felt gloriously fine , i kept breathing heavily into her mouth while kissing, i knew she loved that, she finally pushed inside and massaged me , she did circles until finally she went hard, oh god did she push and push , she felt me i found myself moving my body to her hand movements, i was sweating it had been to loong, i was so happy so electrified, all i did was kiss her hardly appreciating what she was doing for me, and touching her beautiful breasts,finally she made this rough soft movement pulling her fingers inside and out of my vagina, and you could hear the sound of my wet vagina, she was drooling, i could feel it, she started doing this harder and faster and faster and faster until i finally came its been the most satisfactory ****** ive ever had in my entire life, no joke i was screaming and asking her to stop, until she finally did, now im not lying i couldn't believe it myself and i felt weird about it, because i had enjoyed it so dam much, i couldnt move and i couldn't breath, my legs were tired and my vagina was still contracting from what she had just received, i couldn't move, until finally i said thank you that was great, and then i didn't know what to do, because i had just met this beautiful girl, and somehow i just wanted to kiss her again and again i wanted to hug her and cuddle with her, but i didn't know if that was right , i mean we were just there to experiment nothing more right? but i didnt care and i proceed to kiss her and hug her, and tell her that i really did think she was beautiful ,and that i also wanted to touch her, even lick her, i started to feel really dirty i wanted to suck her **** hard i wanted to make her feel what she had just made me feel, i wanted to make her ****** to me, to feel her breath dying to me, so i proceded to kiss her again and things got hot, and when i tried touching her v. well she was on her period, and was wearing a pad, i didnt ask i dont know if its ok for girls to do girls even on their periods , and so we dry humped but it felt just really weird and i didnt know if she was liking it, plus it was kind of funny, so she said some other time, and then she fingered me again , after that i remember i needed to go to the bathroom, well people i couldn't. i still had that funny feeling in my lower stomach i felt my ******* were coming back up i couldn't, it just felt weirdly amazing. So anyways we fell asleep we cuddled and touched each other, and thats it, hopefully this wednesday i get to see her again so i can make her feel what she made me feel. I cant keep this out of my head and i dont think i will ever be able to :s
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That so sexy just reading it made me wet

I've had feelings for this girl, and what you just described sounded beautiful. So hot & sexy I am jealous, I hope you had a wonderful sexual experience.

It is very hot...first time with a girl is incredible! Girls know what girls like :-)

Wow now im so wet

This is exactly what I have been fantasizing about!

Oh my days, i cant wait to have my first girl on girl experience, this is so hot!!!

This is the hottest ever. This is what I want so bad! :(