MSP and SD

 You looked so cute curled up on the couch, asleep… I almost didn’t want to wake you. I sat near your head and began to stroke your hair, oh it is so soft and the scent, perfect. You start to stir a bit as I begin to trace your face with my fingertips. Down your nose and around your eyes and then to your lips, how soft, inviting. Your eyes open and a slight smile as I lean in and gently kiss you, closed mouth, a peck. You begin to stretch and slide up and onto my lap, resting your head. Still playing with your head you pull up my shirt just slightly and start to lick my stomach. Rolling towards me you lift it more and I take it off exposing the fact that I neglected to wear a bra. You’re all into me now, kissing, licking, little nibbles… my stomach and ****, making them so hard as you play. I take my hand and slide it down, down your stomach and just under your over sized shirt. I quickly discover that you are panty free as I take my hand up your thigh your legs part slightly. I run my hand up, taking your wetness with me and onto your **** when I begin to massage. You are still sucking my huge **** harder and harder as I lean forward and we begin to kiss… Your hands around my neck, thrashing your tongue around my mouth as my hand entertains your ****. You are so ******* hot and begging for more. I take my two middle fingers and enter you… your hot, wet, oh so sweet *****. Oh it’s so tight and calling me… I can’t hold back………..


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sounds so sexy i wish i was there to see that

you're so ****** lucky :) day, if she ever comes back to EP

are you ever gonna finish your story

oh its too hot i love it. i wanna b d part of such experience

WOW this is from 2007! LOL

wow, I so wish I was that girl. I have never been with another girl, but it turns me on when I see 2 girls making out.

YOU GO GIRL!! <br />
<br />

I take your hand and place your fingers into my mouth licking and sucking me off of you. Oh I do taste sweet and I know you want more. I lay back allowing you easier access and direct your hand back down and into me. Oh you feel so good in me as I kiss your neck, licking, sucking, nibbling....

As you come back for more......I slide my hand right between your legs and begin to gently massage your **** between my fingertips. Kissing you so hard and deep as I do so. Licking and sucking your tongue. Massaging your whole ***** now with my hand. Feeling how wet you are, I slide two of my fingers in and pump you just a little then I pull them out and stick both fingers in my mouth and suck them right in front of you. Moaning and letting you know how good you taste.

Oh and as you reach up I take your face in my hands, kissing you deep, running my tongue across your mouth and gently biting your lip. I pull away playfully and then come back in for more.

Kiss those sweet sensual lips MSP. Slide my hands right up that shirt and grab those sweet nips as I kiss you so deep and passionately. Just think what fun we can have together ;)!

Oh you are so in now!

Let me just say that I am ready to BRING it anytime!!! Im always ready for fun ;)!!!!!! Just to kiss those sweet lips wow!!!!!!! ;)

PG~ all I can say is "bring it baby" LOL

Let me just say one thing!!!!! DAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!! I def. wouldnt mind getting in on that! The story and the thoughts make me crazy! WOW! So hot you ladies are. Im in for some fun.....just let me know! Im always looking for another lady to have fun with ;)!

...another dream gone... HEY BRUT where did you go?

I'm so getting a visual!! OOOHHH BAABBYY!!

OMG... I'm heading home in a bit for a "NAP" too... yes this has made me very ... errr uuuhhhh uummm sleepy... yeah sleepy that's it. <br />
<br />

Good idea...I hope she does too...<br />
I am going to go take a..."Nap" for a few minutes...

SOOOO I just left a message for SD so she know's we are playing w/o her... I do hope she shows up soon. :P

By ALL of you.

Hey my @ss is already lined up... It's the others you need to gather...

Do you prefer the bare hand or a cat 'o nine tails?<br />
I think maybe I need to be tied up. I think I need to have the **** ****** out of me.

Oh Brut, Laby and SE bring it... Party at MSP's baby!! OMG I'm so f^cking horney just thinking about it.... GGRRR!! See what you've done now manic.... <br />
<br />
OH and SE... are you going to share the secret w/ EVERYONE!! LOL... good for you... hehe We all play, we all have fun... and who cares! Damn I need to go home and play...

HMmmmm.<br />
I haven't done that in a while...

Yeah I think MFF would be the best. I'd be glad to be your "M". I've got good credentials!! Just ask Mysplit :-)

please please let me in..... I really really wanna play too!!!

It better. I am watching you guys and as your Captain I expect all methods of "torture" to extract an ****** to be fully and enthusiastically employed.

AAAHHHHH... we must break you in... oh yes this might take a while...

Are you asking me to take you're bra off... get over here woman!! Should I use my teeth? Crap... the clasp is stuck... oh I'm just gonna rip it apart now. hehe hhhmmmm you may never go back

ALWAYS room for you... oh we so need to add you into this! MMUUAAHH!!

Oh my SD where have you gone?? We didn't finish our story...


Wow, there's some lucky girl out there.<br />
But I seriously need to stop reading stuff like this at work.<br />
I better go lock my office door.