I want to see what all the fuss is about....how different it is, I'm thinking it may be more sensual with a girl and I would prefer some random person instead of someone I know ....that might be a bit awkard
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I feel the same, feel free to message me xo

Im basically feeling the same way...ive found a girl n shes coming this weekend im gone be sooo nervous but i have to just see wht its like n control it afterwards if i likkkkkke it

It horny u sexy girl

I am very curious of being with a girl! I would like to be with a girl to see how it feels. More likely i am bi, looking for an attractive girlfriend :)..

I'm interested!

I've been with 3 different girls and it is so different and amazing. You start to crave the touch and taste of a women.

i want to have sex

Do me then

i hope ur dream comes true for u true it is well worth it with the right person

being with a woman is very sensual and its nothing like youve ever had before. i love it and wont trade it for anything!!!!!!!!

Hi :).. I wld like to have that ecpiriebce.. I have never tried it

it is like nothing u have ever had with a guy it is so much better and sensual once u try it u will keep wanting more cuz i tried it for the first time a week ago today and omg i cant seem to get it out of my head i jsut want to take her all over again its driveing me nuts lol