Curious Teen

I think myself to be straight, but deep down i know im curious. I think its mainly since i developed a huge crush on a lesbian girl on a TV programme i watch. None of my friends are lesbians and i dont think i would be able to face any of them again if i ever tried anything on with one of them. I'd really like to just find someone to experiment with, in a way that nobody could find out. Im still just a teenager so its hard to meet someone because its not like i can get in to bars or anything and i dont really want to try dating websites. I think really i just want advice on how to meet someone who want the same thing as me, even though i may be young. please help, any ideas?

ferney ferney
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 11, 2010

I've had the same thoughts and I'm a teen as well, I dont know how to meet someone

me to i am interestested... i know this is a bit forward but maybe you could message me?

me to i lik boys but i want to c what it feels lik to do a girl

if u live in new york wana have sex? txt me if u do im 13:917 791 6308