Ok Hrere It Is

im 24 for a long time now ive fantasised about men until recently i kinda liked women but ive started to notice men more der arms backs shoulders assses nd have even tried take more than a peek over de urinals all i want to do is b wit a man but i dont knows how?
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I am lake you.

well every one i have fulfilled my dream with full sex with other men quite a few times now in the last year and really enjoyed every moment of it also i see myself more as a top which means i do the *******, and i know what some will say about this but i get more enjoyment to **** a man bareback, and shoot all my *** straight in he's *** and watch it drip down he's legs in fact i am going to **** a guy this weds morning and he says he cant wait to have my *** up he's arse

Definetly do not waste your life wishing you had done something . There are way too many of us wishing we could go back and start over !

just do it , i'm 24 and i'm glad i didn't wait and waste all those earlier years wondering/obsessing/craving. i just did what felt natural and could not be happier and sane. don't wait 20yr like that other guy, you'll go crazy and spend your time unhappy and lying to people that you care about and upsetting life plans of others, like a women whos dream is to fall in love w/ a straight man, marry and be totally happy w/ till the end of time. this will be a caring act for yourself and for others..

Not making a judgement - but have you actually had sex with another man, clearly, you have an interest in sex with another man - FORGET ALL THE JUDGEMENTS/LABELS etc - human sexuality isn't 100% "black & white" - i.e. straight or gay - and, there are many "bisexual" (quotes = not a "'label") who enjoy sex with both sexes.<br />
Some 7 months on since your post, if you still feel the same "give it a go" & don't feel ashamed about it.... we sometimes need to explore ourselves....

do you meanme, if so give me a message, keitolad

we are the exact same would u like to chat?

you and me the same want a chat