Blow Job

my wife has always wanted to see me **** with another guy but iv never been up for it, until our last 3sum. we had met this guy online and arranged a 3sum at a local hotel and at one point my wife was lying on her side being ****** from behind with me licking her **** and thinking this is a bit close for comfort, i started to think what would happen if i just moved my tounge enough that the guys **** would rub against it. so i did and what happened next surprised me, he pulled his **** out of my wife and on the next in stroke aimed towards my mouth and in it went and so sucked my first and only ****. but the next part was better after about 5 mins he and my wife both went down on me until i came over both their faces. i found out a few days later she had planned it with the guy and that he had wanted me to **** him in the arse and visa versa, looking back on it i think i might of but now i think if the situation arose again i would just to try it.
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awesome wife to set that up for you

Wow that's something I really want to try.

Owe it to yourself to try. You'll either like it or not. Then go from there.

I wish my wife would set me up! I would love a ********* with another man. If my wife had a friend that wanted to **** my *** and she was into it i would tell her to give him a call!

When I was younger it never occurred to me to have male to male contact while in a three way. Then different women I was with told me it would be a turn-on for them to see two men together. One fuckbuddy convinced me to suck her bi-sexual boyfriend a little. I did, and he touched me, but he was kind of fat and not terribly attractive, so I never went any further. Then my most recent girlfriend started giving me blow jobs with her finger up my ***, and I liked it. Then she convinced me to let her **** me with her *****. I found I liked the image of being on my knees with my head on a pillow and my butt in the air, while she ****** me with the *****. I am normally not submissive, but it was fun to do it for a change.<br />
<br />
Now I am having a fanatcy of being with a couple in a three-way. I would **** his wife and he would get behind me and **** me in the ***. It would be so hot to have the head of his **** massage my prostate causing me to *** in his wife. I wouldn't want him to have a big ****, though. LOL.

when my girlfriend explor that iam a bisexual she insist to watch me with another man **** me i try it and really i enjoy

It is something I want to try as well :)