Just the Thought of It.....


Great topic, yet no one has written a story. Let me be the first with hopefully more to follow.

I am a straight male, and have never been with another man, but the thought of it drives me wild.  As I sit here writing this, I have a butt plug in my *** and it feels good I mean really good. So that puts me to the topic at hand....Sex with another man, I figure, If a toy feels this good, how would a real big c0ck feel, pumping back and forth and squirting cumm in me and all over me feel?????

For me, it will probabaly always stay a fantasy, but it is a good fantasy, and the thought of it gets me so horny, that I have to pump my *** and use my imagination.

For you ladys out there that our a part of this group, who has a not so nice man,"who wants to have sex with another man", I hope I didnt gross you out by my story

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You go and get some ****, mate . Forget all the "labels" & judgements that people want to put on you......

i feel the same i am straight also but want to have another mans **** in my anal, and do the same to him had the experiance when younger but i want penatration as well

I'm Bi too (seriously) and I couldn't agree with you more JP :)!! It just erks me that people are still hung up on placing people in categories based on their sexual experience. If you drink alcohol once and like it, does that make you an alcoholic? HELL NO!! Experiences should be explored regardless of labels. If it feels good DO IT!! I have run into a couple of guys that wouldn't have even thought about touching a guy let alone having sex with another guy, but when they tried it they found it wasn't that bad (not saying that it is, cause it really is good;) that's just my opinion though :)) You won't know till you try it, seriously

i never had a man in any way, yet i know i'm bisexual. i know if i had the chance i would have a man do me like a woman. i also know i like women and i like to do them like a man. are there degrees of bisexuality? i believe there is. i like to live with a woman the rest of my life. i would like to have a good time with a man. if i ever do, i want my wife to know i'm doing so. i would also like her to advice me if that amn is for me. if i had to pick, i would pick my wife. am i straight?. i like to think i travel a winding road through life.

lol. a closeted bi sexual, thats me. the secret is out lol

Perhaps that is already our heroines deepest secret..........

i wonder what the good people of ep would think? maybe i'll pose the question to them too. i can always count on the viscount to give me inspiration LOL. you'd like to see me act on such a thought, huh? every man's fantasy, i swear!

In my opinion you are until you act. But please do!

LMAO!! you're too damned funny! so if i see a woman who is attractive but don't have sex with her, i'm straight, huh?

What? Like the Masons or something? "He's a 22nd degree Bi sexual.". I think it depends more on the act than the thought.

thats what i always thought but some people say they're still straight. or at least look at it that way. what if you just find the same sex attractive but never act on it? does that make you bi sexual to a degree maybe?

No. If you have sex with both genders you are no longer straight, you're Bi-sexual.

but can you desire or sleep with another man and truly be straight? especially if you have sex with them?

U took the words right out of my mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!