It's Nice to Play With Another Guy

I'm married and have been for quite a few years. I was very young and in elementary school when my cousin and I used to perform oral sex on one another. I was in my twenties when I had my first real oral sex with a man. It was ok but awkward. It was in a car and wasn't comfortable. The next time was about 5 years later during a massage. He kept getting closer to my manhood with his hand and finally bumped it a few times. I was so excited and had a rock hard erection. he asked me if he could massage my hardest muscle and I said sure with a broken voice. He knew i was nervous and probably new to this. So he said I will be gentle just relax and enjoy. After a few strokes he bent over and swallowed it. I imediately shot my wad. I never experienced anything like that. He then asked if I would like to do the same to him. I replied sure. He rolled me over on my stomache and came to the front of the table. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and then pulled down his zipper. His pants fell to the floor and he was standing in front of me in his underware. The bulge was big and I could easily make out the head. I played with it awhile and then pulled down his undies. It sprang forward and hit me in the lips. It had precum on the tip. I licked it off and it tasted ok. I parted my lips and he leaned foward till the head was in my mouth. I gently sucked on it and he told me to play wth the underside of the head with my tongue. So I did. He groaned and said, oh that feels good. It took him a little longer that me, but he finally came. It was a lot and I choked a little but kept on sucking till he was thru. He really tasted good. That was really my first big moment with another man and definately the best. It was so slow,smooth and intense.

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Thanks for the response. I have a question how do you connect with other men to have this experience happen to you (at least once in your life). I tend to be shy in the matter of sex so how do you connect and how to know that they are disease free and know that you are being told the truth and not some lie. How do you do it?

wow it sounds kind of different (just reading your story made my heart pound a little faster "Iam not gay but your experience seem pretty intense" I must admit that I feel curious on how it would feel to have your **** sucked by another man just out of curiosity). Sorry for me getting impressed after reading your story but as you can see Iam 32 years old and doesnt hav e so much experience in sexuality (eventhough I want to learn more about it) my hat down to you for being brave enough to share yourself with another human being in this way I must admit that I would be scared and nervous (specially in matters regarding sex which is an area that makes me nervous)

I appreciate your response. Thank you for your input. I hope if and when you have an experiense having sex with another guy, that it is an exciting and mind blowing experience, I hope the guy you do it with is attentive, slow and gentle. That is very important. I wish it could be you and I and I know you would really enjoy it. I'm not gay but do enjoy playing with another man now and then.

I am really sure I want to have a sexual experience with another man. But if it got close to happening, I'm worried about how I'd react.
The thought of licking and sucking another man's penis really makes me hard; even kissing on the lips is a possibility. I would even consider safe, anal sex. But would I? And I don't want to mislead anybody.
Any suggestions?

Hopefully you get to have that experience with a gentle man. It is really a neat experience but if it's hurried and rough can be not so good.wish we could hook up, you would like it

Mmm I think about it but never have loved your story

Glad you liked my story, and thanks for the comments.

I had a couple of very intense experiences with beautiful, physically extremely well-conditioned married men. I knew exactly what they needed, what they wanted. It was a matter of fulfilling their needs in a responsible way. A man who appreciates his body and that of other men needs to feel and experience the total reward of being physical. He needs to see, feel and experience the action of male sex, thte ultimate buddy-sharing closeness not compensated by anything else. He needs that to be able to be a good husband and make love to his wife when in addition he has manly rough sex with another man who understands that very special attention to his body. A man is complex and diferent to theoretical expectation. I know what a man needs and I make sure a man gets what he wants so he will *** back for more.

my first was sucking my older brother, then his friends. i havent sucked since a teen, but i still like a hard ****....really enjoy my jack off buds.

Nice story lik2bs. I love to hear about young sex cause it brings great memories back. It would be nice to meet you and play with your ****. I'm actually more into women but I do enjoy playing with a man here and there. I really like the tasye of fresh cream from a hot ****. Gaf336 I hope you get a massage by a man some day and he sucks your ****. it's really great. My E-mail address is if you'd like to e-mail me and I could even Email you some pictures That goes for both of you.

Well Loveticklingfeet, They are around and yes you have to be careful of who you get with. There is a lot of disease around. I wish I could meet up with you. It would be nice to get with another man who has never done it. I would play with you and get you good and hard and then suck on your **** and let you feel my tongue playing with the underside of your cockhead while sucking and then you could feel your cream traveling through your **** to my wanting mouth and watch me swallow it. Then I could have the pleasure of watching you suck my **** for the first time and watch you taste mine. That would be so great. We need to get together. I travel all over the country.

Your story is hot cactuspete, and it sure got me hot, I have thought about having mutual oral sex with a man, but haven't had the opportunity, but if one comes up, and the guy is clean and doesn't go to bed with every guy he meets, I would no doubt try it, I just don't know where to meet the type of guy i'm looking for.

WOW.....pant's getting so hot in here!

I actually lost my virginity with a friend after a night on the town and my girlfriend at the time started messing around with another guy - I drove a bunch of kids back to their dorms, and this guy was sitting next to me in the front seat. He knew I had been drinking and my inhibitions were down, and he knew I was pissed over my girlfriend's behavior. We were talking and he started to kind of slap my leg. He did it a couple times and squeezed my inner leg. I didn't stop him and he went higher. After all my friends were out of the car, the two of us went out and parked in a secluded spot. I had never had sex with anyone to the point of ejacualting with them. We started feeling each other and he kissed me. I had never been kissed like that by a girl. It was powerful and it floored me. Then we went further to mutual blow jobs. It was incredible. Afterwards, I was pretty messed up and didn't know how to handle it. A couple weeks later, we got together again and repeated the BJs. He wanted to meet again and found a place to go with a bed. He tried to **** me. He had a pretty big one and I couldn't do it. That was the last time we fooled around. <br />
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It took me awhile to figure out what was going on inside my head, but I came to know that this was not a surprise when I really thought about it. I was into sex with guys.<br />
<br />
I spent some of my 20s being pretty out there. I had some girlfriends and I also went looking for hook ups with guys. Finally, I decided that it was too much for me to play both sides of the fence, and I decided to play it safe.<br />
<br />
I have been faithful sexually to my wife all these years. I have been tempted, but I have not ever followed through. <br />
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On one hand I envy your risk taking because you get both sides of the coin - a marriage to a woman you love and some interesting experiences on the road.

Sorry it took so long to answer but My wife and I are an over the road truckdriving team. We have been busy. Yes I have had a few great times with other men, but I am very carefull and discrete. I have to be. I love my wife very much and don't want to lose my marriage. I also don't want to get some sexual disease so I'm very picky. I will be honest with you. I enjoy playing with another man but I actually enjoy women better. I've had sexual massages from time to time and they have been mostly by women, but there have been a few by men. I've had some great blow jobs by women, but not as good as some of the men I've had. I think a woman can say the same thing about other women. I don't think a man can please a woman anywhere near as good as another woman. Women know what a woman wants and needs and the same for men. However I think men and women need to have sex together for it is so natural, but it is so great to try out the same sex here and there. The last time I had sex with another man was on a trip. My wife was driving and we enjoyed each other going down the hwy without her knowing it. Had she found out it would have undoubtedly been the end of our long marriage. I wrote a story about it and I think it was the last one I did. I'm not sure I answered your questions but all I can say is if I had the chance with a nice clean guy or a couple or even a woman I would go for it, I just have to be careful not to let my wife know, I know this is not right but it's me. Where are you in this sex thing? what are your pleasures?

So, what are your experiences since then? I am interested to hear how you balance your married life with your desire for sex with other guys.