I Live In Hope Of The Dream Becoming A Reality!

Although I am happily married, with no kids, I believe it is possible to experience all the pleasures life has to offer without hurting others. I have always wanted a woman as a life partner but such a lifestyle choice was not an option in my professional career.
Ideally, I would love the idea of a "close friend" who I could introduce to everyone and no one would think anything of it if we went away for a girlie weekend or holiday together. This lady would really be a close friend and secret lover to me.

So far I have tried the online route of answering Personal Ads but although I have met some very nice ladies and we emailed each other lots, all could not go through with our date in the end. I will never understand women who go to the bother of placing ads and then back out at the last minute. I'm seriously considering placing my own ad after the summer as I am away until then. I even met an amazing woman here on EP recently who wanted me badly but now her account is deleted. I assume her husband discovered her secret activities. It's all so frustrating to say the least.

The fact that there are lots of decent people like us here on EP restores all our faith in our almost impossible quest. Let's face it, finding a woman as a girlfriend/partner/lover when you are single is difficult enough without adding the baggage of a husband and 10 kids into the equation. The task is automatically more complicated. However, on saying that, I believe there is someone out there for us all. All we have to do is find them. This can happen in the most unlikely place, time or circumstances.......so be prepared!!!!!

We could always set up our own dating service among us all who belong to this EP Experience Group ;-) Now there’s a bright idea!!!!!
*wonders who would be prepared to have a relationship with me considering I'm stuck in bloody Ireland :-(*

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I truly understand how you feel ! I have always wanted to visit Ireland!! (wink)

I live in Ireland as well and am happily married to a man but I would really like a female to have sex with. I think about women to get turned on and make love... I also live outside Dublin...

Wow so there are some of us out there in the real world including Ireland!!

There are... I have to be very discreet but I'm not sure how to approach a woman...

I have to be very discreet too....I have no idea how any of this happens either lol

I live in Ireland too and am in a happy relationship with man. I would like to have a relationship with a woman. Its something I always wanted to do!

What an interesting situation we both find ourselves in don't you think ;)

Have you had sex with a woman before?

No, not yet! Have you?

Kind of but it was at an **** with my partner where do you live?

Oh sounds like fun ;-) I live near Dublin

Me too! I was hoping to organize a female ****.. That's my ultimate fantasy. Do you want to meet? This seems all a bit crazy.

Sure!! Why not ;)

Well now there are 3 of us


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