It's been a while...about 6 or 7 years now...I get a little tingle to do it every once in a while. I could never be full lez though. I just like being with a chick and then we both go back to our boyfreinds and tell them the stories. LOL.

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LOL (Durious)<br />
<br />
I know that women having sex with each other is supposed to be such a huge turn on to men, I just often wonder how many men "in real life" would feel so happy or turned on if their girlfriends came home and told them about it after the fact. Me?? I'd consider that cheating even though it was with someone of the same sex.... I think the typical male fantasy is to BE THERE, participate and/or watch.<br />
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I know I'd not be happy if my significant other came home and shared a gay experience with me that he just had. I'd feel very hurt (even though gay male sex turns me on in fantasy)

@creamsicle: assuming I was still alive after telling her that, I would have to say her mood would certainly not be one of enjoyment at all.

I often feel the same way, but like you, I like **** too much to give it up for good!

Just wondering.....<br />
<br />
If your boyfriend came home one day and told you a story about his having sex with another man, would it turn you on or bother you?

i'm not ghey LOL i don't even know what that means

So ghey...

eh the party got cancelled no one wanted to come

I'd totally want to be with you CK and I suppose rick could watch. It is his party after all.

You've missed some things!! LOL<br />
<br />
Rick....maybe we'd WANT you to touch...hmmm??

Whew...there was some stuff goin on while I was on eh?

Well, well, how about the idea of watching a man with another man with long white hair? I bet that would suit all your needs, hahaha! Esspecially watching me, for I am an amazing person, who fills the atmosphere with his regal airs! I know that is what you are all thinking, for my terrific judgement tells me so!

no i wouldn't be able to keep my hands to myself unless you videotaped and gave me the tape LOL

oh, you'd be surprised...I'm sure you'd be able to take it....

LOL i'm just messin' around i wouldn't be capable of watching

Rick, I'd let you watch. I guess it would have to be with someone other than Warmthoughts (sadly), but I'd let you....

oh sure gonna meet at MY party and i STILL can't watch LOL oops! i said i was gonna leave didn't i?

See, allofusinme knows what I'm talkin about. <br />
<br />
No pity party, Rick, that's not how it works! ;) Don't be sad...there's plenty of **** on the net for you to look at!!!<br />
<br />
UH OHES!!!!!! GIRL FIGHT! Believe me there's enough to go around! Have you seen my pictures? Believe me ;) <br />
<br />
But in all fairness to both of you, there is another who is first in line. ;) <br />
<br />
But if ya'll go to Rick's EP convention we'll see what happens eh?

get back, Curiositykitten...I was gonna say that first, I just didn't get here in time! lol.<br />
Only problem is, I can't go back to my boyfriend afterwards. I have a girlfriend, hehe.<br />
And no, nobody watches...

i wish you luck hope you find a willing partner (can't see why you couldn't) and enjoy. i'll leave you alone now :-(

No rick I spose I can't.

CK would let me watch wouldn't you CK LOL

Warmthoughts...I'm crushin' on you right now!!

can't blame a guy for asking can ya???? LOL

YOU'RE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! That's one of those things that you do like intimately though with nobody around. And if anyone were to watch it would be my boyfriend, mister! *hand on hip*

i wanna watch LOL