Fun In The Barn

Note: This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance between the characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Relph had just entered his large, red barn which smelled strongly of livestock, particularly cattle. That smell didn’t turn him away though, but it sure did turn ‘im on! Relph’s swollen balls hung low; he was achin’ for release, and he knew exactly how he wanted to get his rocks off. As he walked through the main section of the barn, he looked left ‘n right at each of the stables, takin’ a look at each of the cows’ bulging udders—they were ready for a milkin’, but as for Relph, he had something else in mind. Relph stopped about halfway through the barn, when a certain cow caught his eye, there was a stable to his left which housed a cow with the biggest udders in the whole barn. Relph’s heart started poundin’ as he lifted the latch on the gate. As he entered the stable he said to himself,

“Boy am I lucky to have a private ranch.” He was naked, standing besides the cow and stroked her head,

“Heh heh, I see that you’ve got yerself a mighty fine sac of milk there,” He said. Bessie was a large, big bellied cow with a hide of white fur with large brown spots covering her. “Don’t worry, I’ll relieve all that pressure.” Relph patted the cow’s belly, scritchin’ it too, and then got to her rear end. He looked at her great udders with delight, and reached his hands underneath her and cupped them, liftin’ ‘em up, and gitten’ a good idear of how full they were. As he was pressin’ on ‘em, some milk started to leak out of one of her erect teats. Relph was extremely aroused now, his **** was rock hard. He began to “milk” Bessie.

Relph was on his back, layin’ on the floor which was covered in hay. He was lookin’ right up at Bessie’s bulging udders. He took notice of how beautiful and natural they looked: their pink hue with some black spots on her long, thick teats, the protrudin’ veins, and even all the little hairs over it. Most importantly though, he took notice of how low those sexy udders hung... they were so full of milk that they were hangin’ much further than any ordinary cow. Relph took pleasure in swinging the swollen udders back and forth, letting them swing like a pendulum on their own. He could hear the milk sloshing around on the inside as they swung back ‘n forth. Bessie began to moo in pleasure as Relph played with her udders, her body was producin’ more milk. He caught the udders in mid-swing with his right hand and patted their side, causin’ some warm milk to slosh on the inside again, but some milk squirt out of her teat, which he caught in his mouth. He then held onto the udders in his hands as he lifted his head up to lick them. The udders were slightly rough, he could feel all the hairs against his tongue, which he enjoyed very much. He licked all over the bloated udders and then began licking around a single teat. The teat was pretty long, it was also stiff. He licked all around the sides of it and shoved it deep into his mouth, where he started suckin’ on it. At this point, Bessie was in a deep pleasure, she was mooin’ uncontrollably. Relph could feel all her warm milk in his mouth and swallowed it; he was determined to drink all of it.


When one teat ran dry, he went to another. Relph’s belly started to bulge out as he transferred Bessie’s milk inside of him, but he was eager to try something. Relph pulled himself under Bessie further, and stuck his rear end up towards her udders—they were good and big enough, and stiff enough, to stick into his anus. He shoved her teat deep into his rectum, clenched his sphincter around it, and he started to hump in order to milk her. This time, however, her milk was fillin’ him up from the other end. Each hump that he took, a large squirt of milk went into him, he could feel his insides becoming very warm as the milk touched the fleshy walls of his internals. He continued this until the teat ran dry. He slid the teat from out of his anus slowly, groaning as he pulled it out. Then, he got back to sucking them, and sucked her last teat.


Now, Bessie’s udders were completely drained of milk. Relph on the other hand, his belly was bulgin’ out. He felted good ‘n full, and patted his belly. He could hear the milk on the inside of him, the milk that used to be inside of good ol’ Bessie here. Relph was hornier than ever though, and he needed to empty somethin’ of his own—his balls.


He massaged Bessie’s belly until she lay down, and he helped her turned over. Her exposed udders were still large, despite being empty. Relph climbed a top of Bessie, his crotch was just above her udders, and he pressed his heavy, seed-filled balls against them. He arched his back over her and gripped her belly, beginning to hump her udders. His hard **** pressed into the udders, and he increased the intensity of his humping... the underside of his **** was brushing against the udders, stimulating him to the point of ******. Then he shot. A large load of *** shot right onto Bessie’s udders, practically covering them. Relph panted, but grinned, he was still horny. He crouched down to the udders and covered his balls and **** with his own *** for lubrication. He helped Bessie back up, then he lifted up her tail, exposing her anus and ****. Relph shoved his **** deep into her ***** and humped her.


Relph was practically hangin’ off of her behind as he was gripping himself to her by hanging onto her bulging sides—much like a bull would to mate. Bessie was mooing in deep pleasure. Relph pressed the side of his head against her back as he started to hump hard now. His balls were slapping Bessie’s *** each and every hump. Relph would hump her ****, then he pulled out and humped her anus, he kept switching until he felt that he was ready to ***—he shoved his **** deep into her vagina and humped with so much intensity that he shot his seed deep down inside of her. Relph could feel his balls shrink as he depleted all of his pent up ***** into Bessie. Relph pulled out of her, panting hard. He helped Bessie lay down again, and they lied together, Relph resting his head on her udders. He put his hands on his still full belly, and rested. 


Just to think, Bessie was just one of a dozen or so cows... Relph would be havin’ the time of his life.


Relph Relph
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I read this while mounting my HuCow GF and shot a huge load in her Cow rump! Truly HOT story! Thanks!