The Christmas S*x Party

As many people already know while I was out shopping in my horse mask a guy came up and smacked my *** and then kissed me after a lovely kiss he handed me a letter saying that I was invited to a sex party and that I would be guest of honour with not time to lose I bought my things the cashier looked at me strangely as if I had stolen something but he allowed me to leave after I bought the things in the basket and I went home to master and asked him if I could go to this and I showed him the letter and he said I could but he was coming to, that I didn’t mind on December 25th Evening. We arrived at the party and it was very lovely, set underground in an old disused publicly owned building which hadn’t been used for over 20 years we went down steeps and finally reached the party, there were guys with leashes around their necks, woman in cages, people in latex and rubber and gas masks as well but no-one was dressed like me, I was you could say a combo of things. Wearing my rubber blue and white Alice in Wonderland dress, horse mask with built in air tanks (Horse Mask 2) and a leash around my neck attached to my collar which read “Ponygirl” on one side and read “Property of Master” on the other. When I walked in everyone looked at me and the music stopped I looked around as if I was the only normal person at this party. So the man who I saw in the supermarket came up to us and he told everyone that I was the guest of honour I felt so pleased and everyone clapped in a standing ovation. Master took me to the table where there was alcohol and drink, Master didn’t allow me to have alcohol, but did allow me to have some Coca Cola and it had to be fed to me via my oxygen tube because I wasn’t allowed to remove the mask. We talked for a bit and master let go of my lead so I went to see other people and we talked and conversations about me took over Master said that all these guys have been wanting for you and they all looked at me even the guys on leashes, I knew this was going to be a hell off a party. Master told me though, I had to work for it and I was shown an empty cage and I knew what was going to happen. I was commanded to do my most sluttish dance ever and I was taken to it by a guy who unlocked the cage opened the door as everyone clapped as I went in I thought to myself that I couldn’t be this famous, the man then told me that if at any point if I wanted to leave to give a signal such as waving so we agreed and he closed the cage and locked the door and there I was, enclosed in the bars of steel. Everyone looked at me and I started dancing and pretty soon I was doing well and I was rubbing myself against the bars and blowing kisses to people then a girl who was at the front passed me a crop and asked me to whip my own ***, well I did and everyone shouted and encouraged me to more.

After 10 smacks I gave it her back and she asked if she could do it to me, I bent over and I felt her hit the rubber and I felt really wonderful and I said thank you to her I kept dancing for about an hour and I was let out of the enclosure I went to the loo and then master took me to what looked like a playground but this one wasn’t for kids there were s*x swings, people on a climbing frame doing it and a cargo net which could support 10 people for an*l s*x and perfect for anyone except kids and there was some f*cking machines and a mechanical bull but this was for more than just riding on. Everything was s*x related, and master asked my if I would love a go on the bull but instead of a bouncy cushion to save you this had plushies and feathers which I thought was very cute but on closer inspection it had a goo, a greenish goo, kind of like gunge from a kids TV show or something and I was helped across a plank of wood to straddle the beast which was determined to knock me off and I gripped it hard and saw a di*do attached to the machine maybe if I sat my butt upon it I could have more grip kind off but before I could think of anything else the ride start and it was very nice and calm at first but only after what felt like 30 seconds the bull started getting frisky as I held on and after about 2 minutes the bull was so desperate to throw me off that I was all the more determined to stay on and after a few moments the bull stopped and I was given another standing ovation then I took the di*do out my *** and was about to get off the operator moved the bull suddenly and I fell in landing on a nice cosy unicorn toy and the operator apologised and as a gesture of good will gave me the same unicorn I landed on just a few seconds ago. I went to the climbing frame and a guy asked if he could do me on the cargo netting I said why not and we climbed onto it I put my legs through 2 squares and put my arms through 2 other squares and the guy climbed on the other side and put his c*ck through the squares and aligned to my hole he pushed in and I gasped and his arms wrapped round my shoulder blades and he thrusted into me the net shook as I held onto it and he continued to thrust for a short period and shot his hot load into my ***, so powerful that ****** that my arms and legs were weak and couldn’t hold on much longer he immediately came round to my side and helped me down. We went back to the party and into what looked like an office and inside was master and 20 different men stood there with paper bags over their heads and naked I saw restraints on the desk and master told me to lie on the desk I did and each men put on numbers from 1 to 20 each one Master told me that I was going to have an experiment done to me and it involved these men and a draw of cucumbers, all of them green and ribbed with cruel bulges and small lumps which made them all look unique Master told number 1 to choose a cucumber and insert it into my *** and the winner was going to be the person who could get there cucumber inside me fully and the one that gave me the most pleasure. So Master tied me down and Male #1 inserted the first of many cucumbers which would invade and have their turns with my hole. A bit of spit was used as well as lube to deal with this innocent looking object as it spread my sphincter open to allow the vegetable it’s pathway into my hole. I moaned loudly in the first of many, I felt the cuke inching it’s way further and further into me and I just laid there not being able to do anything as the innocent vegetable was pushed beyond my rectum and started to go further as I felt my stomach move kind of out of the way and I was thinking it might be the cucumber it was a weird but turned on feeling as my *** closed up and the vegetable was now completely inside me. The guy moved away from me and Master ordered me to sh*t it out and after a few strains it shot out like a car from a tunnel. After it was out a man wrote the number #1 on it.

The 2nd guy came in chose his cuke and he lined it up and the same thing happened but this one was much wider and my *** wasn’t willing to accept the width stretcher of a cuke. He kept going trying to get it inside me but it didn’t relent and my *** just didn’t want it so master said that times up and it was marked as number #2 This kept going, many went in, but a few didn’t. Number 14 was next and it spread my *** cheeks stretching me slightly bigger than the normal cuke but width wise was not as big as number 2, 7 and 8. Number 14’s cucumber was perfect it was a good fit bigger than the others and it was going in. I felt myself shudder as it past my rectum and going further, I felt it my stomach and I was nearly full and I felt my *** close up as the last few inches disappeared. I groaned loudly as the cucumber held it’s place. I had never ever been so full in my life now the cucumber was in there, they got me to stand up but I couldn’t I was somehow dominated by this monster but the cucumber prevented me from standing up properly. They lay me back down and and the man stuck his c*ck up my *** where the cucumber was and I could feel it go even further. ****!!!! I cried out as the cucumber bulged my stomach, he then held me tight as he rammed further and further until he was up to his balls and the cucumber was beyond hand reach, his c*m squirted into me and a bit onto the cucumber I was then ordered to sh*t it out, my face before long turned red as I tried to sh*t the monster out but it fell like it was there to stay until all of a sudden my black hole turned green as the cucumber finally started sliding out. I was given praise then the final 6 were given there chances but to me #14 had done the job. The man told me which one I liked and I told him that number 14 was the one he gave it to me and want me to insert it into my *** again so I did and I saw that I didn’t feel much resistance now. The 20 guys left each leaving their liquid mark inside me. I kept going until another ****** hit me and I drifted off to sleep Master carried me to the car and he drove us home. Master said very quietly to me “well done my little horsey you have done exceptionally well” and as I felt the softness of the bed which he allowed me to sleep on I knew that was really amazing time I had.

In all I served 50 guys that includes the 20 that used the cucumbers and one thing that needs to be said this party went on all night and all of the men which I gave my service to DID use protection as there was a strict rule at the party: No Condoms, No Fun.
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18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013