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Item Name: Ponygirl
Quantity: 1
Location: UK
Price: Private Bidders Only

Description: Ponygirl is a submissive pony, her rights were taken away and she has learnt to obey, she wares a permanent pony mask but there are additional masks as well which are included.

Ponygirl has been a submissive animal since she was 16 years old.

From 2009 she was PonySl*t of Scotland 4 years running from 2009 to 2012 and is expected to make it a fifth year in late 2013.

In 2010, aged 17 she won 1st place in the Best in Show awards in Yorkshire.

In 2011 was given a highly commended special award for her exceptional performance.

She has many ribbons and is always a lovely challenge.

Ponygirl enjoys going to the beach and woods and is permanently horny, so controlling her excitement does always takes a bit to calm down and Ponygirl is very delicate and can be scared and spoofed by masters she is not sure of, so the best advice is give her your full attention and allow her to get use to you.

Additional Items:
1. Ponygirl Mask (Her Default)
2. Ponygirl Mask 2 (Air Tank & Hose Included)
3. Dog Mask
4. Reindoe Mask
5. Lead
6. Collar
7. 4x Hooves
8. 2x Puppy Paws
9. Ball Gag
10. P*nis Gag
11. Butt Plug Tail
12. Book “Control Your Ponygirl”
13. Book “How to: Discipline Your Pony”
14. Book “Ponygirl: List of Fantasies and Fetishes”
15. Jockey Crop
16. Ponygirl Tranquilizers (Sleeping Drugs)
17. Ponygirl Tranquilizers (Awakening Drugs)
18. Ponygirl’s Plushie (Greyish Wolf: Wolfie)
19. Ponygirl’s Plushie (Pink Doe w/ wings Faline)
20. Horse D*ldo
21. An*l Stretcher

This is NOT a Real Ad.
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18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013