A Fantasy

This would be just a fantasy for me because it would complicate the more important things in life, like love and relationships, it is still something that I think about.

I would love to even try a simple threeway. I would prefer two women. I would want to be in a bed of twisting bodies and sweaty skin. Getting ridden hard by one girl while the other sits on my face as I lick and eat her.The sensations of being in a three way are amazing in my mind. I would love to feel a woman press her bare **** against my back and her hips to my *** while she reaches around and strokes me while I slide my **** in and out of another. Everything about being with with more then one is completely erotic to me, from fingering two people at once to the full out girl on girl while I jerk it off over the top of them to a complete three person ****** with a lot of *** and ***** juice everywhere.

Although it is less appealing in my mind, even getting sucked off by a chick while another guy ***** her is another thought. It is less appealing then the two women at once, but still. I just don't want to have the possibility of having another guys dong near me...

Well that is unless there is a situation where it would be unavoidable. Like a full-on ****. My **** throbs at the idea of a pile of women and men together just feeling and *******. Skin rubbing on skin and the taste many women on my lips and the mix of their wetness on my shaft as I **** one and then another and another. Thrust once in one, and then in another. Changing spots to **** like a bunch of wild animals in room of mattresses just switching partners and taking several at once. The feeling of pure animalistic sex and pleasure filling the bodies of everyone in the room. A massive pile of intertwined arms and legs with breasts heaving everywhere, ******* getting pounded and licked and ***** getting sucked and rubbed off. ******* would flow as some would leave for a rest and others would come to join in... A constant, living pile of sex and hard *******.... My imagination runs wild...
Flimsenk Flimsenk
31-35, M
Aug 3, 2010