Like 5 At Once

I would love to be with 5 guys at once. Just be on me knees sucking one guys **** while another one gives it to me up the *** another guys head between my legs sucking my **** and then me ******* off 2 other guys at once one with each hand. What a hot night that would be. I would have to be dressed as a hot girl too. Just be an absolute slutty *** *****. That would be fun
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Let me know when and where! I"M IN!


I have participated in this sort of scene many times, and when the other men are of a similar mindset to my own, it can be QUITE a beautiful experience for the woman!! I suggest you stop wishing and make it happen... just be safe.

That does sound quite orgasmic.

I just love being used like that !! It is such fun !!

Wouldn't that be 5?

Yes. That would be 5. I need to learn to count. Thanks for pointing that out.

lol, sorry, this has kinda been a fantasy of mine for a while too, with some variations, but that's the basic idea!

Wow. You too. Wouldn't that be amazing

It would be crazy!

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i would love to be one of the 4 and join in with you

That is one hot fantasy: on my knees in front of 4 eager *****. Better still, spreadeagled on my back on a table outside. Me in just stockings- my held tilted back enough to give good head while and each guy taking turns at ******* me too. They could keep going until I was covered.....

I do love the way you think, girlfriens

I'd loveto be in that position but I would be carefun not to let anyones **** that wasn't actually in me *** till I got them inside me.

That would be my fantasy!

Dressed very hot with a Mini Short,a red wig and a pretty shirt,Then being taken by 4 guys at once and treated like a ****,all of them coming on my face and mouth and calling me names,that would be a huge turn on for me

I would be wearing stilletos, garter belt and stockings, blonde or brunette wig and of course make up. Then time to be a superslut. :)

That sounds really sexy!

But for some strange reasons,I've always liked Redheads, it's like a fetish x)

Nothing wrong with red heads.