Sex With Aunt

one day i brought my aunt out for dinner, because my mom didnt want to go with us.....
while we were there we had a nice dinner and were talking about familly and stuff,
as the time went on we started asking questions about eachother like a date, then i said u wanna go to the apartment and do something fun, and she was like whay kind of stuff giving me wink, right there i got a ***** cuz i knew sumthing would go down...
so when i was driving to her apartment i decided to stop by a convirnce to gets cigarettes and decided to get condoms just incase..
when i got back into the car she said what else did u get and i said just cigarettes
she looks in the bag and finds the condoms
glances at me and says are you gettin these for tonight,
and i said no, and she knew i was jlokin suddenly grabbin my leg and pushing to my **** in the car and giving a ******* instantly
out of no where i started making out with her which was so hot cuz she was chubby with big ***its and bbw ***, and we couldnt stop and she said lets move to my apartment, i did obv say yes and she was giving me hand on the way 2 her house when
we got there and grabbed her *** in the elevator and french kissed all out
when we got to the room she paushed me to the couch and jumped on me takin off her braw and shoving them massice D;S INTO my face

then got me naked and gave me a awesome ******job and moved on from there as we *******ed all night and did all postions :P
and we deal from this time today and always will
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18-21, M
5 Responses Nov 28, 2010

Nice story that your aunt was up for sex. Are you still seeing the gorgeous women.

I have a think for older women. I have this aunt, actually she was family friend that I always wanted to bang... Wonder where she is.

Wow! What an aunt! I wish I had one like that. Life would be so fine.

Wow. Wish I had an aunt I can bang like that

**** you man -.- i want to **** my aunt too :P<br />
<br />
nice story :)