Sex With My Aunt Next Time I See Her

Here my story
I was 16 and my aunt was 21 .I was visiting mexico where she lives and the rest of the family lives there too.we have always been close and we use to just have fun and tell each other everything . There was one day that there was something like a rat or something like that in the wall she did not want to sleep in the bed alone so she went over to the bed I was sleeping in since both of the beds where in the same room then after a few minutes she started to move a lot then my hand had touched her breast and my hand just stayed there. Then I started to rub them she did not try to move my hand out the way so I keeped rubing her .after a few more minutes I just got on top of her and started to kiss her neck gently she was enjoying it the she started to moan while I rubed her down there. All she was wearing was some shorts and I just had my boxers since I had taken her shirt of and I sleped in boxers .after a while we started to dry hump she was moaning. Since she could not moan loud since my parents where in the next room we tried to keep everything as quit as posible. After a hour she had said to stop then she left the room then I just feel asleep .a few years have passed and he topic had never poped up untill last week since we where chatting on msn then she had told me she was horny and my uncle has not pleaced her in 2 months. And she had said that she would like to see me again even though I've been going to visit but just like to have fun know .then we started talking about that night she enjoyed it and I told her the truth she did not believed me theni explaind it and shbe believed me . She has always known I have had sex and I know she has only had 1 man in her life just my uncle she told me her fantasy that she would like to have some one that really loves her and would make love to her every day. I told her that when I go I would be tbat man . Since we both love each other so much and we are really close that's why we would like to have each other ..

Can some one give me there opinion if I should really go for it or what i should do
My age know is 22 and her age is 28 and I think where at the age to know what we want
Plz comment :)
tk21dk tk21dk
22-25, M
Aug 9, 2010