I Want To Be Close To My Aunt

I"m 19 and my Aunt is 50. i told my aunt last year that i had a crush on her since i was 12. Back when i was that young she would always walk around the house naked and i would love to look at her body every time she got out of the shower and to make things better she would ask me to rub lotion on her back, while i was doing this i would try my hardest to not get turned on by it. Since then I've fantasied about her in my dreams and just being together with her. When i told her i "liked" her, that's all i said. i didn't tell her i wanted to have sex with her or i loved to see her naked all the time or i loved to stare at her big butt. She just told me that its okay to have those feelings and she knows how i feel because she had a crush on her cousin when she was a teen. She also told me that ill get over my feelings for her, but that's not what i want, i want to be as close as i can with her and do anything and everything with her. I guess i just have to keep at it and tell her how i really feel one of these days.
Shikuu Shikuu
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

My advise is just **** her you Will regret waiting this long if she walked naked in front of you that means she's waiting on you to make the move

Thanks for the input. I think i'm just going to wait it out for a bit. Try to get closer to her, then ill tell her how i truly feel.