I Fantasize About Sex With My Stepmom

Ever since I was 14 I have wanted to have sex with my stepmom. Ever since my Dad introduced me to her I thought she was so hott. Tall, slender with the BEST DD breasts I ever saw. Slim waist, sexxy flat stomach, great a$$, very long dark hair... she's just the perfect looking woman. I see guys hitting on her everywhere she goes. Even after my Dad got her pregnant and she had my younger brother... i didnt stop fantasizing about having sex with her. Even tho she's my own brother's mom! I still want her so bad.

I remember when I was 15 I went snooping thru my Dad & stepmom's bedroom and I found a hidden photo album of X-Rated pics of my Stepmom that my dad took. he wasn't in them, just her. Naked and doing things to herself. I couldn't help myself. The house was full of ppl but I took the album in my bedroom, locked the door, pulled my d*ck out, and masturb*ted to the naked pics of my stepmom...

... And i loved every second of it. I know it's wrong... I know it would hurt my dad and my brother but... I still want to **** my stepmom someday.
Curiousity19 Curiousity19
22-25, M
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have u take any aproach