The Milf Of My Dreams

I haven't done it hear and see many stories but no advice my step mom the. Hottest woman I know she. Is perfect in every sense funny cool and sexy she has a history of cheating she got with my father when she was still married then had sex with many guys afterwards she finally became serious with my dad but I don't trust her she talk and text ramdon people she is always in her phone I know If I can catch her I could black mail her to sleep with me I figured she might just do it with me she is always dressing so hot she bends over at the time I'm looking I dunno if its for me to see she is always talking aout sex when I'm present and I can't handle it i just want to **** her I seek advice real advice I will hook u up with a pic of me doing her if it works
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18-21, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

how long have you and your stepmom been talking about Sexdoes she want to have sex with you