Not My Wife's Sister...but Her Niece!

It isn't my wife's sister...but it my wife's niece who is married to her nephew. She and I have always hit it off. They are both much younger than us, almost 20 years. Anyhow, her husband is a fun. The family was over at Christmas this past year and everyone decided they wanted pizza. When I went to pick it up...she said she wanted to go along. As we were driving there, she was complaining about her husband and how he is no fun. We often complain about that side of the family that we both married in to. After getting the pizza, she said she wasn't ready to hurry back and asked if I would take the long way I did. I placed my hand on her thigh and told her I understood her frustrations. She smiled at me, so I let my hand slide up further. She did nothing to stop me and actually let her legs open wider. I knew it was an invitation. I slid my hand all the way up and rubbed her ***** on the outside of her jeans. She raised he *** off the seat to meet my hand as it rubbed her *****. We did not have long cause I knew everyone would be waiting, so I had to be very bold. Watching the road, I felt for her button and zipper and quickly undid her pants. I shoved my hand deep into her pants and found her wetness. She was already very wet, obviously horny and wanting it too. She moaned softly as she felt my finger sink into her *****. When we stopped at the stop sign, I turned, leaned into her and kissed her, taking her tongue deep into my mouth. Then I drove a few more blocks, still fingering her *****. As my house came into sight, I removed my hand and let her fasten her pants back up. As I pulled into the drive, I said, "Our little secret." She laughed and said, "Of course." I turned the motor off and started to get out when I heard her say, "Now we need to work on a plan to get together somehow and ****." I thought I would *** right in my pants. So far it hasn't happened...but I am counting on the fact it will!
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Very sexy is indeed fun to play :)