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Sex With A Woman In Her Sixties

I would like to have sex with a woman in her sixties.  Her vagina could still produce natural lube, but very good lube is available in a bottle.  Her kids are grown and gone and she should be comfortable in her own skin.  She will probably know a few things about pleasing a man (but I really, REALLY do enjoy pleasing a woman).  Older women have been through life.  They have stories.  Sex and women are two of my very favorite things!
CrazyWaterSpring CrazyWaterSpring 51-55, M 10 Responses Jun 2, 2010

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I'm not in my 60's yet but eventually I will be :)

I`m in my 60s so sure I love to have sex with her or in her 50s or 40s or............ ;-p

Can you wait a couple of years for me to get there? I am close...*wink*

Whats wrong with right now? Just take a rain check for the rest. ;-p

what a perfect solution! as my dad once said, make hay while the sunshines...

Well okay. But hay wasn`t what I was thinking. =o/

Are you two considering this seriously? :)

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I can talk only about my view on this.
Youth is charming.
But my desires for women, a woman, changed through years to remain, somehow the same.
While growing and aging I found that my eyes and hormones keep loyal to the bold women of about my generation.
They were and ARE the beauties of ALL times. They rock, they move the world, they move ME.
They are renewing themselves in their own amazing way, to become the real woman a real man should want.
I am turned on by those women.
To them and a speciall one, the always young ladies you are, the admirative sights and smiles of this man.

Crazy water, You are a wise man. Any woman over +45 is very sexy. She'll tell you want she wants. And is not afraid to get up, Put her clothes on, and say "See 'ya, You're not my type". Her body might be **Banged up and not new car shine* , but mine is too.
Older woman? Where are you?

men here many use derogatory terms for older women. watch your words. GENTLEmen. we are here and loving older available men.

Miss. Poe. No *derogatory terms* were intended by this writer. Just saying, I like older woman. They satisfy my desires nicely.

women are NOT comparable to cars! geesh! banged up?
Crow! do you know flattering terms? lol...

Poe. You are so sweet. I could shower you with \"Flattering\" words, is that your desire? I think not.
Your style sometimes can Cut a man to ribbons, and Woman to tears.....

softer words and ways then....geez, Crow! passion is both hard and think so? words are powerful...I am I am now...Poe? you flatter me...

And...Other times...You are full of Praise & kindness! A Two edged sword cuts twice? Yes.

I am my words...I am sorry if they cut you at times. But truth is me. :)

Sticks & Stones...:)) Keep writing. I have thick skin. your words do not offend me. Sometimes they do amuse me though.
As for Poe.... Short for Poet!!

I am not insulting you. Just suggesting a bit more gentleness, Crow. Okay. I will take it. LOL. You are my friend. :)

Poet. Laughing.... You have to go back to the source of the story. Mr. Crazy spring water. My initial statement was to him. I didn\'t know women we\'re listening in on the conversation.
Ok, *You are not a Banged -up car...* And probably very pretty.

CWS is dear to me. This is public domain. He is the only one here who has my photo. Why don\'t you ask him? He is honest. And he is around here now. :)

PNE is quite attractive. Comparing her to a banged up car is a disservice. She is a classic that has been very well maintained. Any enthusiast would be honored to be associated with her.

Thank you, CWS! I am over 15 years old! LOL. But still a long way from 60. :)

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STIs in post menopause women are a growing problem. Older women too have to be careful.
I don't know of a safe and respectable way for women to signal their sexual interest... except to go on an ocean cruise!!

Which is better: a beautiful woman under 30, whose thinking is a string of cliches and snobbishness, whose attitude about sex is to expect him to make things happen? Or a woman over 50 with a definitely flawed body but a great sense of humour and who relishes sex in a wonderfully proactive way?

To pose the question is to answer it.

Flawed? NO. Incorrect. Growed from life is more like it. Lived in...Older women are hot, and spicy and appreciative. Same as older gentlemen.

I intended irony when I used the word \"flawed\".

Yesterday I paid my marital respects to Mrs Consa. Afterwards, I told her \"the lust of the typical 20-25 year old male is surplus to any woman\'s requirements.\"
Sex with men over 40-50 is like cooking on embers; 20 year olds is like cooking on flame. This Boy Scout of 50 years ago noted the marked difference in the outdoor cooking value of each...

I am going to disagree. I have bedded a man in his sixties and he was no ember. He was a forest fire. It was only once, but wonderful. I hear you, though...:)

Your Forest Fire Friend was not typical of men his age.

The men I get involved with rarely are typical men. They are most superb. Well not my ex! LOL. And currently, spectacular too! :)

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Young women believe that by taking their clothes off, they are doing men a favour.
When a woman over 50 takes her clothes off, and the man in her bedroom reciprocates, she feels grateful. She feels that he is doing her a favour. Extra-marital sex should be with older women, because they are experienced and don't let it go to their heads.

How refreshing! You are a smart man. Kissesssssssssssssssssssss....:)

Damn. I'll call you when I'm 60!

I think that's lovely! Especially in light of the way so much of society marginalizes women "of a certian age". Older women are beautiful, have lived in their own skin, know so much about life... Hope to be one myself in a few years! ;-)