Park Sex With Strangers

I have had sex too many times to recall. This has happened mostly in San Francisco and New York City. However, I get around and I've done it late at night in Boston, Chicago, LA, London, Amsterdam to name just a few. I still feel the thrill seeing a hot anonymous man in the wee hours of the morning loitering amongst the trees, rubbing his crotch, or fondling his **** in plain sight. Some are only partially dressed, some wearing very provocative sexy clothing (which is what I love to do for late night cruising). It is all about fantasy anyway. Sometimes the contact is one on one and many other times it turns into a group, from small to large, depending on the evening. Fantastic! Hands, mouths, *****, heavy balls everywhere. Making out in the dark with strangers while you feel a multitude of hands all over you. You feel so desired, sexual, uninhibited. I'm breathing very heavily right now just writing this. Public sex with strangers is the best sex!!!!
pervfrk pervfrk
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 24, 2010

got me hard just thinking about it!!