Craigslist Hook Up In The Park...

My wife goes away for a week at least, every year. It gives me time to dress up and fulfill my many fantasies. I have done a few so check out my other stories... :

My wife flew out on a Friday afternoon for Florida with some friends. As soon as I got back from dropping her off at the airport, I went onto craigslist and posted an ad in the personals. I have always had a fantasy of having sex in public, blindfolded with total strangers with me dressed up in the sluttiest clothes I had. So I posted the ad (including park name and where in the park to meet)  "Park sex, with names, just your BB **** in anywhere you want tonight at midnight".  It was removed 3 times in a span of 5 hours but I already had over a dozen replies.

So 10pm came around and I was picking things out of my sissy wardrobe...picked out my tight short black leather skirt, black wolford pantyhose, leopard heels, blond wig, and a tube top.  To give you an idea of my body type, I am a small frame, 135 pounds, clean shaven everywhere. So I get dressed up, get in my car in my garage, drive to the park...time was about 11:15pm. There were a few cars parked already but couldn’t determine if anyone was inside them. So I stroll around the park paths and pass a few guys who give me a whistle or the up down look. I finally get to the part of the park where there is a ball diamond and a creek that has many trees and bushes. I quickly put a small hole in my pantyhose, put some ky on my ***, put my blindfold on and got on all fours and waited...

It wasn't long before I hear some tree branches breaking and leaves being stepped on. I started to get a little nervous as I had no idea what was going to happen.  The noise got closer and closer til it stopped...then I hear a "zip" from a zipper and a muffle to get his **** out of his pants. There is some deep breathing for a few minutes and I think this guy is just going to jerk off to me on all fours in front of him...I finally say "**** me....I want your hard **** and warm *** deep inside my ***"...I start to do a little wiggle with my *** him come closer then feel a hard slap against the side of my *** a few felt like it was a meaty **** from the thud it made and the fact it was reaching my hip...I then hear a deep voice saying "you want this ****?" I said "I want it, I want it DEEP!".....before I could finish, I felt him put the pressure of his **** on my *******...I'm thinking "well at least he is gentle with it"...a few seconds later, HE SHOVES IT IN ALL THE WAY!! I let out a YELP! He just starts pounding me, holding my hips tight with each hand so I can’t pull away....I can feel him going in and out and feeling like he is pushing my stomach in he is so big!  As he is slapping my *** and giving me constant hard thrusts, I hear "Holy ****, look at that!" At this point I'm moaning, yelping, and groaning quite loudly from the guy pounding I hear the other guys approaching, I hear the guy pounding me, grunt, almost like and animal, do a few last hard thrusts, and then he says "There you go *****, I bet I won’t be the only one filling you tonight". As he pulls out, he quickly gets up and hear him zip up and walk away in a different fast as he leaves, I can feel some one in front of me....then a shuffle of shorts being pulled down then a WHACK with his **** hitting my I waste no time and get down to business licking his ****, sucking softly on his soft skinned balls...while doing this, I feel a finger feeling into my hole in my pantyhose....feel it searching for my this point, I am oozing *** from the last guy so I am super lubed...then I hear him say "DUDE! It's a guy!! with the guy whom I'm sucking, say, WHAT?!" He pulls out of my mouth, hear them wrestling around...forcefully roll me onto my back and see my **** hard in my pantyhose...he respond with "OH ****!" I then get picked up off the ground, didn't say a word, then twisted around, couldn’t see what was going on and as I reach for my blind fold, I get pushed, hit a tree on the way down, get a bit dazed then one of them saying "**** it...let’s do it". I get picked up off the ground, then one of them said, "Hug the tree *****!" as I start putting my arms out for the tree, I get shoved into it but luckily get most of it with my hands to absorb the impact. All this time thinking, someone else must be around and will help if it gets bad I'm holding this tree, a **** forcefully slides into my *** followed by a "UUUHHHYAAA *****! TAKE IT!" A few pumps later, the breathing gets louder followed by a moan...and a quick pull out...streaming his *** down my cheeks and legs....the next thing I know, I am back on the ground, face in the dirt and leaves, my *** in the air, I notice it’s getting bright outside, and a guy ploughing away on me....then all the sudden, my head is pounding, my *** feels like it is burning hot....I don’t come around for a few more the guy pounding me pulls out and shoots a huge load down my back, hitting my face and hair....He gets off his knees and hurries away...I lay there, not knowing where the time went, what happened or how many guys had their fun with I look around, there are barely any leaves or twigs, just dirt, and a  few used condoms....I sit up, feel around and stumble back to my car...the sun was coming up and I was oozing *** down my legs and felt crusted *** on my cheeks....I drive home, dazed and confused, walk in the door, and am welcomed by my dog sniffing around me like crazy, but that’s another story the end, I had a bit of a bump and cut on my forehead, and one of my fantasies going in another direction that wasn't so bad :) 

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Aug 27, 2010