Sex With Strangers In A Park...great Time!

I have had sex in a park twice with strangers. Once on my own and the second time with my wife. The first time I was in need of a **** and was hungry for ***. I went to a park not too far from home to meet a guy who I had met online. We were to meet up, go into the woods, he was to pull out his **** and I was to suck him. We all went well, we met up, went into the neighboring woods and like we planned, he pulled his **** from his pants and I went to my knees. While I was sucking him, two other persons who happened to be walking around in the woods (yeah right!) came along side us as I was sucking this guys ****. They were being encouraged by my guy to join in at which time I had two other ***** in my face. I decided right there I will be their **** and *** pig. I went from **** to ****, licking and sucking.
One guy took off his trousers, laid under me as I knelt in front of now two guys. He began to pull my pants down and being hot, I was happy to oblige him. Now with my bottom bare, he entered me from the rear humping me as I sucked two *****. A few minutes later, the first guy I met erupted into my hungry mouth. He came so hard that my head shot back. I swallowed ever drop. The second guy, when he saw me take it all, stuck his **** into my mouth once again and within moments he too erupted with a load of ***; I also swallowed the second load. After these two guys shot their loads, they immediately left and I never got their names. The third guy who was now ******* my *** began to moan loudly and with that shot his *** deep into my bowels. After he came, I sat there on his **** until it became placid.
Once that occurred, I stood up, half naked as I watched this third fellow, pull up his trousers and leave before I could raise my underwear. (By the way I was wearing panties as usual) I never got his name except for "grunt." The only benefit that I see knowing who ****** me and whose **** I sucked would be the repeat of the scene on another day. Otherwise, anonymous sex, whether in a park or at home can be the best experience you could have. (NOTE: I will write me and my wife in another experience.)

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3 Responses Sep 8, 2010

This story sure got me hard reading it. Would have loved to have been there.

hot story got me hard! had a similar experience

Yes, I always enter these adventures prepared with condoms and lube. It's nice to have pants with large pockets and be able to go with "whatever"