Yes I Do !!

it could go something like this !!

 i arrive at a house to install a satellite dish that needs to be replaced. i go inside to set up the TVs and boxes for the lovely young "lady" . she is young, in her mid 20s and is a knock out. huge silicon breast, long burgundy hair, shapely figure, round firm but, and milky smooth skin. she is wearing a tight shirt and a very short skirt and i am surprised how she is flirting with me.  after setting up the TVs in the other rooms we head to her room to set the last one up. i ask her for the remote and she walks over and bends way down to get it. her short skirt rides up her backside and first i notice she has no panties on and see her firm shapely ***. suddenly i catch a glimpse of her junk just before she stands up. by now i am so horny that i don't care and i don't let on that i saw. she is hanging all over me while i finish setting up the tv. we then make our way to the edge of her bed and start making out. she sits on the edge of the bed and i pull her shirt over her head and off. i start with her huge ****, kissing and sucking and work my hand down between her legs. she is waxed completely smooth and i get a hand full of huge **** and balls. i say whats this? lets see what you got!!. i slip down to the floor infront of her and flip her skirt up. her smooth soft **** is huge!! way bigger than mine at its hardest.. i take ahold of it and stroke it slowly while licking it down to her balls. she starts to stiffen and i slide my mouth over that sexy big ****!! as i suck her to stiffness it grows to a hefty 9 inches. as i suck her i notice out the corner of my eye a sexy young Asian girl standing in the doorway of the bedroom. she quietly says, room for one more?? she comes over and climbs onto the bed and pulls out her thick **** and shoves it into her girls mouth. i suck the big beautiful red head while she sucks the Asian . soon my mouth is flooded with hot ***.. they stand me up and undress me naked, then sit me down on the edge of the bed. with my feet on the floor they push me back so i am laying down. they giggle and chuckle at my tiny **** then the Asian straddles my face and drops her thick **** into my mouth. she starts to **** away at my face and then i feel my legs being lifted into the air. red holds my ankles hi and shoves her huge **** into my ***. they form a triangle over me and **** me silly while making out with each other.  after working me over for quite some time they both *** hard together, one fully in my mouth, the other fully up my ***.. the excitement is to much to bare and i *** all over myself.... as i try to regain my composer as i am leaving they tell me to *** back any time..........   yeah, i know...... in my ******* dreams........ 

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

My dreams too!!!