How To Get Blocked

1.Idiot posts a question
2.You answer,with slight observation about how meaningless that question is
3.You're blocked
And here is an example.I knew I'll be blocked the very moment I saw the question and how old is that sorry poof :

I wish i could spend all my sundays with you in my arms
Asked By: gentlemanoutlaw 1 hour ago, 3 days left to answer.
....and whenever I think that faggotry can't get any worse...
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flipper1966   ...or was it 1996
he asked :
"Which country in Asia has the best food ? "
I answered "Bolivia"
he blocked me....
I'd like to use this opportunity to express my love for his daughter - if he has one.But of course,it's a shame if the idiot is breeding.
Bob Frost
guy collects EP friends like Pokemons.He probably has 15000 by now.
I guess that I told him that his so-called-poetic-philosophy sucks
he blocked me and deleted my comment - because I'm better (and I probably have longer cocker)
I don't know if there is something in their water or food,but it seems that every guy on EP that is from Texas is genuine idiot.
Whenever I see Texas flag I know that I will be blocked within 20 minutes.
Why ? Fukk me if I know ?/
because she thinks she's funny,but can't stand dry joke
that's a midget malchiki/
Another one of so-called jokers/
he blocked me because his girlfriend told him that she dreams about sleeping with Maj/
person who is delighted because he got his cocker pierced also blocked me:I consider it as a personal success 
because I asked her do her parents know how silly questions she posts on the public site
blocked me since 1914
because he doesn't understand the line between being a funny and being disgusting perv (what he is)
....of course I'm kidding.He's too sick to block me:He's in my circle
because he's old,but has a heart of a little girl
because I'm white and I strongly believe that she doesn't use brain when she makes questions
heaven knows why,but I can swear that I never met his mom
because she's not taking proper medication
really don't know when and why
I cannot be mad at him.Just look at his face...what a cute little piglet !
because I saw on you-tube what she did with a priest in the confessions chamber
actually it's a nice guy and he was in my circle.He blocked me ! I guess that some chick made him do that.
Q:  Do you think friendship should be more than just texting/typing. example: voice or meeting for it to be close? A: Posted by SaintMaj Jun 28th, 2012 at 11:58AM

and obviously you'd like to fukk that friend of yours..

Reply by StainlessSteel Jun 28th, 2012 at 12:28PM

reported and blocked. ;-)  
I think it changed it's name
I believe that "black" could be the key
Q:  Did you know that in 29 states it is legal to fire someone for being gay? A: can we use gasoline ?
fukk me if I know why
because I don't hump everyone,just goliath
North Korea has asked for UN food aid. Is it me but the country with one of the worst human rights....more...rights records in the world, a military dictatorship that constantly flouts international law and spends billions on armaments is being a f#ckin cheeky? Maj: I feel pity for your condition that is caused by constant watching of CNN and FOX news
plunker:BBC actually. Moron.
Maj : (cries) I didn't know that you are so well informed.You saw it on Telettubbies I guess ?
she blocked me long before many of us were even born.I guess she's some racial minority
blocked me because she's too afraid that she's falling for me
I don't get it.It's ok to be angry when somebody humps your imaginary gf,but why blocking ? Guess he's afraid of something.
All that ridiculous drama just made me laugh 
She finally understood how deeply boring person she is in my mind
Why do some people & even animals turn agaist me with out prior warning & could it be somthing I did wrong?

Posted by SaintMaj Oct 8th, 2012 at 3:40PM
dog that writes !

Reply by teksing888 Oct 8th, 2012 at 3:46PM

I am not a dog as I keep saying I am human I just have this photo because I don't have any other suitible photos of my own to add as my on-line profile, please be aware that your coments can & will be blocked if I find them insulting or demeaning.
because she hates white people
SaintMaj SaintMaj
41-45, M
12 Responses May 20, 2012

You're not blocked right now by me. Yeah he got mad. I didn't know he blocked you though.

I don't know.This is all very innocent,but that guy really has issues.Fighting for your gf doesn't include behaving like 15 years old sissy - not in the books that I read

Other good ways to get blocked are the giving of offensive gifts ... Has worked for me on occasion

Done out of love every time

Maj has no tokkens.

I agree with your Kitty assessment. And how dare she not give the ***** to Lestat. Lestat, where for art thou Lestat? He left me for Kittytwat

I know how you feel.I despise EP members who don't give any ***** to lestat

i didnt give Lestat *****. You hate me too?

you're so selfish ! But at least you gave me some.That's like going to church every sunday - shortcut to heaven

this is fact. You sexy Saint you

that sounded like a compliment

i must be in rare form today

two egos intertwined

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i'm considering blocking you just to become infamous by being added to this list.

but dear ! - you are already immortalized in my picture album on EP !

what better claim to infamy than that? thanks, maj.

GrayDay blocked me too- wtf is his problem? he lacks humor. Give him a hug

I saw in one of his answers that all girls like older guys and that really young girls think he's sleezy perv.He is thinking about looking for older guys too I guess.

*nods* maybe this is his way of hitting on you. that slutbag

but you have to admit that he really looks like Elmer the Fudd

Well, i cant argue that one. Lets get him one of those cute Elmer hats

and some diapers....looks he's gonna need them

ohhh he's one of those? that explains a lot

just look at his face ! Isn't it obvious ?

thought he was just constipated all the time

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i laugh. <br />
<br />
and laugh.<br />
<br />
funny stuff.

*grins* I'd leave Keith for you. Not really. But, yeah you're pretty awesome

hard work had to pay off

you're my hero

ok - send me nude pictures

with the midgets or without?

(facepalm) I forgot that you have small tetas

i think they are perfectly suited for my frame. pffft

:) you are perfect example that "we can still be friends" is actually true in some cases

=) i think the same about you

awwwwww....we better cease this faggotry

ok. i'll meet you at the nail salon for pedicures. its not faggotry if we drink beers beforehand

yes, of course Pappy

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Maj, my friend, you are like stinky French cheese: not everyone can appreciate you.

me gusta !

I'd consider going gay, but only for you.

actually it's a good idea...there are too many nymphos around here.So if somebody ask you "Is Maj gay",say yes.I hope that it will cool them down


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grayday104 is the only person who blocked me :) and i don't know the reason

it's because he's cute little sensitive piggy

They should award trophies for most blocks.

Great idea.....let's improve the experience project !

who blocks the most..that's what I'd like to see.And top 10 should get trophy "drama queens of the year"

hey! im from texas and i havnt blocked you yet maybe im the type that i let pple express themself on here with me and dont care or maybe im actually get u at times

you're strange guy,but so am I.Maybe that's why

I get blocked with much less effort- once I call a troll out or ask a logical follow up like- are you a retard? or what the fcuk is wrong with you? or a completely innocent : were you dropped on your head as a baby?- *poof* I am blocked. It is an outrage I tell you

what I do is to post things like those here and forget that those people exsist

wise words