is sick.What makes one person dream about licking genitalia of the person of same sex,I don't know - but it's sick and if nothing else - it's against the nature.I would send all homos to concentration camps and I don't care if they are kissing each others *** in their homes,but when they want civil rights and even a marriage,I want to throw up.
Yes,many would say to me ."is it possible that someone thinks like that in 21st century",but you don't understand that 21st century doesn't mean anything.Basic things are the same like they were 1000 years ago -don't kill,don't steal,don't have money as your God
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First of all, homosexuality isnt a new thing its been around for a long time. Many kings including Alexander indulged into it because they were at war so often and need their fix. Secondly, concentration camps!!!! are seriously willing to put people into camps where they can starve to death just because they dont abide by what your minuscule brain thinks?Thirdly, WHAT ANY PERSON DOES WITH THEIR GENITALIA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! <br />
<br />
And if you dont like what is happening in the 21st century go burn your eyes and cut off your ears.

I see.What about pedophiles ? They just want boys who are...a bit younger.And it's here even longer than homosexuality.

When two consenting adults want to be with each other its their own private matter. Pedophiles abuse children in general. i amazes me how truly blind you are. And yeah i forgot to write this down before...you are sick!

You make me feel sick and I think there is a pretty good chance you are schizophrenic- People might don't get why I'm saying this or not be able to relate it to the story, but I noticed that you are contradicting yourself, so you better consider schizophrenia.

you can always get your girlfriend in your home and...do what you girls do.I just don't want you to say that it's lovely.

Who are you to tell the people what to say and what not to?