My Wife

When my wife was pregnant i wanted to have sex with other men and often fantasied about having her pregnant with another mans baby. She looked so good growing with both of her pregnancies. At first her breast started to get fuller and firmer, then the next thing you know she couldn't button her pants. My favorite part though was when her panties started getting to tight for her and we had to go panty shopping, I am the kind of man that loves to see a pregnant woman in panties that cover her tummy, like big granny panties, so I told her that she should get those kind of panties and she said no way, but she did end up buying briefs, which really accented her curves. Here recently there has been talk of a third pregnancy, and believe you me if there is she is definantly going to sleep with another man while pregnant because I now have blackmail stuff. Will let you know how progress goes
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3 Responses Jul 9, 2010

Your post is a bit old now but did you get her knocked up by another guy? Did she wear the granny panties to? :)

I just love pumping a good load into a woman, pregnant or not.

Wow, sounds pretty good!