A Girl Can Dream

my mind is scattered

clothes are reduced to nothing but a ball on the floor

strips of the setting sun gently, but somehow senually streaks across my body

you tell me how beautiful I look as you walk towards me your eyes staring into mine

and what beautiful eyes they are

you lay me on the bed telling me that it may hurt a little

i gasp as I feel you, my eyes staring up at you for approval, as our skin rubs together

the heat almost overwhelming,

and as you smile i feel are souls hold hands and dance on rooftops in france

sipping wine in italy

and skipping across the ocean

as we finish i stare into those eyes

damn! those eyes relecting not only the rising moon but my love for you

and when our souls slowly return a piece of you lingers in my soul and mine in yours

you hold me as i talk about my dreams and in that moment i wished with every part of my heart that this moment was real

but as i hear my alarm in the back of my head i know that you are nothing more than wishful thinking

annesocial annesocial
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

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