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I want sister wives. Im a single 24 yr old and looking fir a purpose. I due prefur older men/ women.
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9 Responses May 14, 2012

Hello. We are in our late 30's and would love to add to our family! Would love to chat sometime

I am 33 my husband is 37 we are looking for someone to complete our family. Would ypu like to chat?

I'm single and would love to have sisters wives, maybe in their 40's. Even better if they are real sisters and even more perfect if they are twins. Anyone interested, speak up.

i am looking for a second wife that is active smart injoys being herself loves to talk loves knows how to run a house etc..

i am a wife looking for a sister wife let me know more about u

my husband and I are in our very late forties.we have raised 6 children and have 10 grand children.we are looking for a sister wife to continue our family

Hey, I am 33, and my wife is 31, we are looking for a sister wife. Reply if interested.

Is one year older okay ;-)

My Husband and I are looking for a sister wife