I Want to Have Sister Wives (inspired By Big Love)

Since becoming a fan of the show "Big Love" I have become so envious of the support system there- especially the fact that there are so many adults to do the work for one family. I think it's wonderful that they have eachother. I had somewhat of that sort of relationship with my husband's sister before we moved out of state. She and her two children were abandoned by her ex husband and then we sort of adopted her into our family. I loved her children as my own and she loved my children as her own. We worked together to prepare all meals and did our shopping together and shared household responsibilities and responsibilities with the kids. It was really nice and I actually miss it a lot. I know that eventually she would probably remarry and become her own family again, but I was really happy with our family. But I had a husband and she didn't. I don't know if I would really be able share my husband with another woman, but it would be really nice to have the other woman in the house for companionship and teamwork. It was also really nice to always have another woman on my side when my husband was being unreasonable.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Why not have a joint family as in the east. For e.g. your brother in law,his wife and family living with your family,less expenses,more companionship and no ill effects on your relationships or children.

What some people don't realize is that show is subtle SATIRE.

First off, Big Love is a Television show. Living a polygamist lifestyle is nothing like that. Im talking from my own experience. I lived in one for 19 years. I was never married but saw my mothers go through alot. i cant see anybody living a happy lifestyle under that kind of pressure. I know that all polygamist didnt grow up like I did. but i also know that its a crazy lifestyle. i know my birth mother was sick with anxietys through out her life which made her very mean at times. i loved all my mothers but I chose to live a completely different lifestyle. i keep in touch with my birth mom and 2 other mothers where the other 4 will never look at me again. i have sisters and brothers that i never met and that is sad. i can understand where you want to share household chores and always having someone around to help out , but do you want to share your husband, your children. the children you gave birth to? I think not. I got sick of sharing my father with a bunch of women and children. polygamist parents do not realize the affect they have on the children in that relationship. I think it is a bad idea bringing children into this environment .