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I need to have SRS surgery. Not want NEED to! I have been taking hormones for 2 years and now cannot afford  SRS surgery. When my mom dies and leaves me the house there it is!!! I will get the surgery in South America if I have to! First thing is to remove the testicles those little itty bitty things that always bother me like hell and yes I HATE USING THE MENS RESTROOM IT STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not a man. I am not masculine and I have a new blog that many should read. Brittani
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Go with it I did and my life's perfect now ;) xxx

Me too but its like at the last desperate moment something good happens that is totally unexpected that makes me a believer for there have been just too many times that i was totally helpless and had nowhere to go only to find a door out of my situation

wish you the best, in whatever you do

Me too if my life works out then I will right now I am unsure of anything it can come crashing down in a big hurry and I will never be able to change much less live anywhere

As I grow into my new self this may sound really strange but it is not a big deal as i thought it would be if I am called a lady long enough and truly live the life that is mine and believe it then it is just the natural thing to do to really be a total woman in body and mind the twofinally comming together in happiness and in pain are all mine all that rest of stuff was so much fluff now that I look back a year and a half later..... guess I am growing up and fast..Linda

LOL I did not know about that since I have not yet to begin to "learn this behavior" well I guess after the dust clears I will know a thing or two!! thanks for the "teachable moment"!!! B

A point about using the restroom. Sometimes the Women's is as filthy as mens. Forgetting to flush and seeing blood, tampons, pads etc., as clogging the toilet. Understanding what you are saying, but dont place any bets.

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Good luck with this.

Yea again I wrote that years ago when I was desperate now I have a different perspective, when the time is right I will go for it. I sit with my legs crossed very little maleness down there, and I want to wear ladies jeans now for my thighs are bigger and my hips have rotated downwards so my butt sticks out somewhat so what is the pont of having a penis? can't have sex with it and never could so it was no use even at birth. I just feel bad that my father thought he had a son when in fact he had a daughter a fact that I sadly have to live with and he is gone now.

Yes, that sound decided, go ahead on your way. Besitos<br />
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