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I have made a tentative booking with a surgeon in Thailand. I don't feel that we have experienced surgeons in this country

I am both excited and fearful. I am fearful as I will have to go through this process alone but excited to finally get a body to match my mind.

So it's more than want...I'm going
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I've read, studied as much as my brain can handle regarding the skills and techniques of the various surgeons, and of the experiences of their patients. I have no doubts anymore that when I am finally able to be complete, it will be performed by the Supporn clinic in Thailand. Lots of good doctors out there, but as far as I've been able to conclude, this man takes the gold medal. Fear not, my dear... go and make peace with your body. <3

I felt that Suporn was over priced for what he really offered. As mine was a repair of what already existed and not full SRS, this suited me.(born intersex). I've been and am extremely happy.

I'm glad you were able to achieve resolution ! Kudos to your doc for taking good care of you. :)

Thank you for your comment. I can get the damage inflicted at birth finally fixed.

Good for you. I think you are a very brave person and wish you all the very best. You deserve to be who you want to be. I would honestly like to hear from you and how things are progressing. I am here to talk with if you want as well.