One Of My Fantasies

I have always thought about what it would be like to have two men at once. The thought of two ***** fulfilling all my needs just makes me all wet and bothered. Everytime my boyfriend ***** me in my *** he fingers me and it just sends me off. I want two ***** ******* all my holes and treat me like a little **** I am . Wishful thinking thou eh? The best part would be all the *** in my *** and *****. I need this asap
sexyprincess91 sexyprincess91
18-21, F
16 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Talk to your boyfriend ! I'd love to help with you fantasy !!!

You definitely need a couple FwB to take care of you!

Hope your dream **** true! Has it happened yet?

Seems like a lot of work lol but you go girl!

I've thought of that a few times too.

I wonder if you could get them both to *** inside you at the same time? That might take practice.

If you want all your holes then you need three and I would like to volunteer to help you with this ....


Ask your bf can I help him fulfil your fantasy-)

One of my fantasies as well. hope it comes true.

Happy to be the second **** to fulfil your desires.... To tease please use and abuse you again and again mmmmm

Sounds very nice and you should do that

Where you from sweetie? I'm sure many EP friends of yours would love to help you make this happen

Omg I would love it I need to make this happen it gets me off so much so I can only imagine what the real deals would feel like

omg thats one of my big wishs hun!!! my man ***** me and puts my vibe or his fingers in my *** and i m done!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooooooooo love to feel 2 real ***** inside me at once :)

Then make it happen, girl! As a guy who's been in both types of ********* gender combination make-ups, two girls and me and with couples, I can tell you that you being the center of attention between two males, having them under your spell and there to pleasure you and fulfill your desires is the ultimate height of the human female's power and control over the male gender and every girl should experience it at least once in her life. May be more. Some experience it at your age. Some wait until later. And some never admit it to any prospective partners that they want to explore and experience it. Don't let yourself be the latter. Feel the power. Be the conqueroress!