Want This For My Woman

Well, being a man, this isn't actually a goal of mine, the real goal is to find a woman who wants to have udders, to be milked regularly, and who wants a man who loves to drink her milk. My goal with her is to milk her regularly so her udders keep getting bigger, producing more and more milk. How many woman also want this?
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I would love to be milked regularly. You pulling on my soft pink teats and squirting milk into the bowl positioned under my udders. My huge breasts fill up so fast, I already have to milk them every two hours. I make over a pint of milk every day, and I'm sure I could make even more if you milked me constantly. My breasts would get bigger and bigger, heavy with milk, and my nipples would be constantly swollen and dripping milk from their tips. I would wear loose tops so that my teats could be quickly grabbed and milked, as my let down would be so fast and so often! The rhythmic tugging on my enormous nipples and the splashing of milk into the rapidly filling bowl is such a turn on. Sometimes, I'd be so swollen with milk that you'd simply touch my aeuriole to trigger an intense let down that would spray unaided for several minutes from my nipples before you take an engorged nipple in your mouth and suckle, your hand milking my other teat simultaneously in a effort to keep up with the insane quantity of milk my udders are producing. Eventually you'd be unable to drink any more and still my udders need attention, so you'd continue to drain them by hand for another hour. I'd sigh with the relief, then feel my udders again start to refill. In another hour or two, I'll need to be milked again.

Bracken, unfortunately for you, you are too late. I have a great GF who is now pregnant. She is still warming up to the idea of my taking milk from her regularly, and is starting to think it will be fun. I wish you, and all others who read this and want this good luck in finding what you want.

I'll be your cow udders, which at any moment you will be able to pumping in your mouth or in a cup of coffee! I'll stand by your side, quiet and available. My breasts will be placed on a tray next to you, and my nipples will stick out ready to use! I will stand and they watch in silence until I squeeze out the milk and gave it to fellow guest to boast about with warm milk and always by your side! I will leave my fate in your hands. I'll stand with *** with a tail, the ***** will take to every pore and cell! I'll sip with big lips every juice you! And I will wait and I will hold the tray while my udder full of milk especially for you. And when you have had mercy on me and ride me back I would expect any filling more and more ... And my milk will fill another bottle. My nipples - big and hard to be swollen and ready to use! Always. Day and night!

In case any one thinks this is no longer current, let me assure you it is still and I am still looking for someone serious. The last one that I was to meet got cold feet and stopped answering my messages a few days before we were to meet. So who is serious?

It is part of my training, to be made a true milkslut for my Master's needs. So I would have to say that I, too, can embrace such dreams, as they are being made reality for me, the one to be milked, Sir.

I would love to spend the next 5 years as a full time milker in real life. Wetnurse for infants, any reasonable situation considered. Proper nutrition is a must.

If You're headed back to Oz anytime soon, maybe we could/should have a chat please?

Hi Juicy! What you say is what I'm looking for! I'm suer your's would get huge with the regular milkings. Where are you? If you're not too far away, I think we can arrange something

I'd love to have my **** filled with milk and get larger, bigger...with thicker nipples for you to grab on to and hand milk me like a cow. And with so much milk, you'd have to hand milk me every couple of hours. I'd never wear a bra around you - my **** would always be out and ready for you to suckle whenever and wherever you wanted. Want to share me, breed me? Yes. You'd let other men and women milk me too, knowing that I cream so easily at the sensation of my large nipples between pulled between fingers or sucked in a hot wet mouth.<br />
Yes... I want all this.

OH MY GOD!! all i can say is MMMmmmOOooo !! i am constantly dreaming meditating onwishing for hoping for a situation where i am either being hooked to a milking machine all day or im being nursed from or manually milked all day long. I dream of a nice group of friendly and dedicated gentlemen friends who tend to the stretching and draining and engorging and growing my eve increasingly larger and larger massive udders and working on lengthening my nipples to the point where you would be hard pressed to be abe to join your fingers around the massive girth that will become my teats once being nipples...<br />
I dream about and fantisize for the chance to even one day nurse a baby calf taking me a glorious full circle and at last satisfying me need and desire to in true fact become a cow.. <br />
as it is i am stretching my udders at every chance i get to myself . with 5 to 25 pounds of weight tightly strapped to the top of my juggling udders... i get such a warm wave of satisfaction and leasure when i feel my mucles stretch , and i see the deepening of the wonderful stretch marks get even deeper...<br />
Oh Yes an thousand times Yes i would most definatly and absolutly love for the opportunity to be a true cow... i was born to be a human cow....

I too would love to have my **** milked to full lactation. Sucking me or machine pumping me

Hi Slut4use, A short but to the point reply. Yes, I want my woman to produces masses of milk every day, much more than I alone can consume. I would share it with friends, something special. Where are you located?

I would love to produce tons of milk each day

English is not your first language, I can see that. Tell me more about yourself (erzahle mich mehr ├╝ber dich, und nein, deutsch ist nicht mein muttersprache, aber ich kann's)

I. I want to produce much milk and milked being.