Milk My Swollen Udders

 My swollen udders need to be milked. The milk pressure starting to ache,  My big thick nipples r contstantly erect. Milk is dripping from my full breasts.  I am ripe to milk. Hook me up to a machine and suck me dry several times a day. Good sucking on my big nipples makes me feel complete,


Hulagirlz Hulagirlz
51-55, F
14 Responses Mar 18, 2010

such a wonderful visual image. ;)

This is the way...add me

Phew! You'd never have that problem with me around!! ;)

You must be a Milkman.

Milky and fill me with ***, breed me

Shwing!! You don't have to ask me twice! ;)

I want the same thing

mmnnn sounds bloody fantastic

Mommy order me to my knee's, that i may nurse you to pleasure!!

Too bad your sooo far away. I would love to help you out by sucking your nipples and drinking your sweet milk

Yummy. Can I have suck, please?

Those must be very suckable.My mouth is already watering.Really we must start a breast feeding group.

38b, round firm perky with big thick brown nipples

I also want to join the party.Do you mind?

Mmm - I would love to drain your big udders dry. Thanks for adding me

Honey, i need to be milked several times aday, come here