Unconditional Love...

I hear God gently whispering,
waiting for me to turn around.
As sin tries to bind me,
blinding me from a path that
long ago was found.
Satan caresses my memories,
the moments of exctasy and pain.
Slowly tracing the scars,
feeling for a vein.
Unaware of the violation,
alas, the blood starts to fall.
Again I am offerd a sweet solution,
"Just embrace the violence!" he sings
as I finger a familiar wall.
Now to scared to turn away,
I am unaware of Gods plea.
Intoxicated by Satans seduction
his grip grows stronger
I feel to weak to flee.
"Give me a sign!" I cry to the heavens,
For evils battle is drawing to an end.
I am growing to weary to refuse the hate,
such a bitter sin.
So returns his whisper stating,
My child, Satan has not won.
In this hour a sign I give you not,
for I have given you my only son.
Raise your eyes above the hurt,
as on your knees you pray."
Give to me the worry and strife,
for it all I shall take away.
Refuse to bow to his tortured wings
for it is my turn to guide.
just rest your soul and your broken heart
for within I shall reside.
In what time you are afraid,
as I have taught, look to the skies above.
Then look into a childs bright eyes
to find my unconditional love.
Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
May 22, 2007