The Balcony

I want to start by saying I love my wife and throughout our marriage she has done many things she would never do just for me.She is so sweet that way.One of those times was at her work Christmas party.We decided about one month before the party that she would put her 2 week notice in at the end of December.We wanted her to focus on the education of our two young boys. Home work was a tough chore for us since we both worked long hours and it was important.She really was not to crazy about her job so it was no big deal.Well about 3 weeks before the party we were having a few drinks witch is kind of rare seeing neither of us are big drinkers all-though we do like to have a few on special occasions.I was half teasing her when I said I would show her *** to all the young guys at her work.She said no way she would even consider it seeing how every one there liked her and thought of her as the sweet and kind married woman who gave good advice and was pretty Conservative. I laughed and bet her $20.00 dollars and a chore of the others choosing for a week.We are both so competitive neither one of us cared about the money or the chore we just did not want to lose to each other.I knew the bet would make my job that much harder but I know how persuasive I can be.So the day of the party I went shopping at a high end boutique and picked out an amazing dress.The dress was the perfect blend of sexy but elegant stiling.I also went and picked up a dozen roses and some party favors for the room.I also checked with the other couple we were driving up with to make sure the limo was set for the evening.To my surprise the service we have been using for years went out of business so he ordered from a different company and all they had left was a supper stretch ****** limo.That was a little to gaudy for my taste but every one else really liked it so I went along.When the time came I surprised my wife with the dress and a sexy white lace bra and pantie set.She loved it and gave me a look like she owed me and I new that I was going to collect.When my wife was done getting ready she walked out of the room and she looked amazing.We herd a knock at the door it was the limo so we hopped in. Our Friends were already there so I pro ceded to pour us all shots. We drank and laughed and sang to ac/dc songs all the way there.When we finally checked into our room we were all ready buzzed.I took a few pictures of my wife and I all dressed up on the balcony in the hotel.After we took the last picture I commented that by the end of the night I would be taking nude pictures of her on the same balcony.She gave me that smirk as to say no way.After all about 80 co workers were staying in the same hotel most of witch she knew pretty well.We met up with the other couples sitting at our table and all headed up to the bar to get our free drinks 4 to each person. After a few more shots and some Alabama slammers my wife headed out on the dance floor.She danced with her Friends with me with several guys from work (all harmless) and even the owner of the company.I was feeding her drinks at each break and she was pretty well drunk.When I walked back to the table the last time I noticed a crowd of the younger guys gathered around mostly to watch my wife dance.At this point she had lost most of her inhibitions and was dancing pretty sexy not slutty mind you but sexy body motions and swaying back and forth.I walked up to the group to say hello and one of them blurted out how lucky I am.I said thanks and proceeded to tell them about our bet and my plan to get her to moon a bunch of people from our balcony. They were more than ready to volunteer.It took me about an hour to drag her from the dance floor and up to our room and when we got there she plopped on the bed like she was going to just go to sleep.I said no way you promised me you were going to stand naked on the balcony so I could take pictures.At first she put up a fight and said she would never promise me that but in her state she was feeling a little adventurous and she got up walked out on the balcony. She lifted her dress to reveal her sexy bra and panties.I took a few pics and managed to look down and nobody was there yet. So I said thank you babe but I really want you naked.She said no way. Even in her half drunken state she knew someone from her work might see her.So I said look down there nobody is out right now.She did and since no one was down there she started to consider it.First she took off her panties the the bra and walked out on the balcony and lifted her dress just over her chest exposing pretty much every thing she stood there for about 2 minutes while I took several pictures.She walked back in the room with out ever turning around and looking down to the ground. So I walked out to look and to my surprise several of the young men were standing there giving me the thumbs up.I motioned for them to stay there. She asked me if any one was down there now and I said no . She proceeded to remove her dress and started walking towards me out on to the balcony .My wife was completely naked and looking really sexy with her nicely trimmed ***** and her sweet nipples sticking out.I loved it but I hoped she did not see the crowd below or she might kill me.She walked straight out and turned around with out ever checking for anyone. She bent over with out knowing she was showing every one on the ground her *** and *****.I almost came right there but continued to take my pictures making sure to get our audience in as many as I could. I even put my hands over her eyes and told her to trust me and had her turn around and face the crowd (she still had no idea was there)for about a minute I saw a couple of flashes go off and decided I better take her in.I did leave the blinds open. We were on the fourth floor but I was pretty sure if you stood back enough you could see in.I had my wife lay on the bed with her legs open and took some more pics.I the made love to her in every way possible starting with 69 and finishing with dogie style when I looked down the crowd was gone I do not know how much they saw or if they gave up after 2 hours ,but I came a bunch of times looking at those pictures.My wife never knew what happened and I only showed her the pictures with no one in the back ground. To this day when she runs into some of these people and they smile she has no idea why.My wife is a sweet heart and I know now many years later that many of my fantasies need to remain in the fantasy world for the sake of my marriage but we have had some pretty crazy moments. I am thank full to be spending my 18Th year with my wife.We now have agreed to focus our attention on only each other teasing and rubbing very often .The sex has been really amazing but it is also fun to think you never know what could happen next.
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Jul 13, 2010